#1 PPR, #1 Protein, #3 Milk, #3 NM$, #3 PL, #4 UDC, #4 Type, #5 Fat (Proven)

cadence *TM
Brookings x Wonderment x Pronto

■ #1 PPR & Protein Proven Bull and One of The Most Popular Bulls in the World!
■ Maximized Profit: Breed-Leading Milk, Components, Type, UDC and Fertility.
■ Cadence Must be a Part of Your Breeding Program or You Will be Left Behind!

54BS509 Shiloh Brookings CADENCE-ET • Reg 71130650 • aAa 156 • DMS 345
Kappa Casein: BB • Beta Cas: A1/A2

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Vitalis, Golden Boy, Eddie, Biver, Cayenne Pepper, Harts Thunder, Cutting Edge Thunder, Kannon, Rebel, Eagle, Denmark, Galaxy, Diablo, Dynasty, Agenda, Torch,  Legacy, Dragon, Driver, Goldwyn, Temtation, Whiskey, Durango, Snickerdoodle sons, Supreme, Etlar, Total, Brinks, Dally, TD, Alloy, August, Valor, Carl, Denver, Jackson, Tex, Power Surge, Ace, Tonka, Dario, Tau, Agio, Wurl, Hussli, Scipio, President, Jolt, Vigor, Berretta, Vigor sons, Absolute, Madden, Mpowered, Thor, Tonka, Platinum, Dalhart, Davenport, St. Nick, Dirk, Double Dare, Double Delux, Duelist, Exclaim, Even, Michelob, Dominator, Zoldo Zeus, Jetway,  Premium, Parker, Ransom, Motown, Mojo, Braiden, Zoldo, Nelgor, Richard, Powerplay, Solution, Emory, Ensign, Trace, Dupont, Aleutian, Pegasus, Starbuck, Zaster, & Joel

Don’t use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Payssli, Delphi, Magic, Pronto, Brookings, Moonshine, Deputy, Desi, Dewey, Brady, Wonderment, Carter, Logan, Dane, Austin, Goldrush, Bosephus, Durham, Raven, Boss, Zach, Talent, Explorer, Forest, Durable, Astra, Atwood, Wunder, Tanbark, Cosmo & Kingsman


2-00 344d 3x 25,780 4.8 1,247 3.6 925
4-03 278d 3x 35,460 3.9 1,368 3.4 1,199

2-02 305d 2x 22,060 3.9 863 3.3 717
3-02 365d 2x 32,110 4.2 1,335 3.5 1,110


Eachibon Cadence Beulah
2nd Lactation
Owned by The Weihrouch Family, Wisconsin

Double W Cadence Carolina
3rd Milking Yearling World Dairy Expo 2017
Owned by Double W Farm, Colorado

Hilltop Acres Cadence Paula
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

HF Cadence Aspen, 2nd Lactation
1st Sr. 3-Yr-Old Minnesota State Fair 2017
Owned by Hendel Farms, Minnesota

Twinkle-Hill Cadence Oakley
Owned by Twinkle-Hill Farm, Wisconsin

Twinkle-Hill Cadence Stardell
1st Place Udder Yrlg. In Milk WDE 2016
Owned by Twinkle-Hill Farm, Wisconsin

Voelkers Cadence Cameron
1st Place Jr. 2-Y-O Southeast National Show 2016
Owned by Voelkers Swiss, Missouri

Cozy Nook Cadence Jessica
Owned by Cozy Nook Farm, Wisconsin

Triangle Acres Cadence Ko Ko, 2nd Lactation
Owned by Triangle Acres, Illinois

Switzer Tals Cadence Donay ET
Former #1 G-PPR Heifer
Owned by Switzer Tals Farm, Wisconsin

Spring Acres Cadence Helen
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

HF Cadence Dream
Owned by Hendel Farms, Minnesota

Eachibon Emily Cadence Eloise
Owned by The Weirouch Family, Wisconsin


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