#1 TYPe, #4 Milk, #2 UDC (Active)
TD x Wonderment x Migel

■ The #1 Proven Type Bull: Show Winners, Sale Toppers & Breeder Favorites!
■ A “MUST USE” in Every Herd: Loads of Milk, Superior Udders & Tall, Dairy Frames.
■ One of Best Bulls in the World, No Bull More Consistent & Available in Sexed Semen!

54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER *TM • Reg-68119645 • DMS 246,234 • aAa 132546 • Kappa Casein: AB

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Eagle, Denmark, Galaxy, Jetway, Diablo, Dynasty, Agenda, Torch,  Legacy, Dragon, Driver, Goldwyn, Temtation, Whiskey, Durango, Pronto, Richard, Snickerdoodle sons, Supreme, Etlar, Brookings, Total, Dally, Alloy, August, Valor, Carl, Denver, Jackson, Tex, Power Surge, Ace, Solution, Agio, Wurl, Hussli, Scipio, President, Jolt, Vigor, Berretta, Vigor sons, Absolute, Madden, Pro, Pursue, Cadence, Starbuck, Dominator, St. Nick, Talent, Forest, Powerplay, Exclaim, Thor, Tonka, Vitalis, Platinum, Dalhart, Deputy, Desi, Dewey, Dirk, Duelist, Brinks, Tau, Moonshine, Mpowered, Zoldo Zeus, Motown, Mojo, Zoldo Even, Parker, Ransom, Braiden, Zaster, Emory, Nelgor, Ensign, & Joel

Don’t use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from :
TD, Wonderment, Tanbark, Austin, Bosephus, Logan, Durham, Raven, Boss, Zach, Explorer, Durable, Goldrush, Astra, Atwood, Cosmo, Kingsman, Davenport, Double Dare & Double Delux

Sire: Webster Ridge TD ET *TM
G-IB-M/US 4-11 PTA +286m +27f +.07% +3p -.03%

Dam: Voelkers Wndrnt Carabella 'E 90'
2-03 364d 2x 20,600 4.7 972 3.6 741
3-04 334d 2x 22,510 4.2 951 3.3 741
4-05 365d 2x 32,300 4.2 1,368 3.4 1,106

MGD: Voelkers Migel Candid ‘3E-94’
5-03 335d 2x 33,090 5.1 1,673 3.6 1,189
Lifetime: 3,087d 219,659m 9,818f 7,291p
All-American 5 Year Old 2009



Tandara Carter Sarajevo 107
Owned by Tandara Brown Swiss, Austrailia

Twinkle-Hill CARTER Alexia
Nominated All American Jr. 3 year old 2015

Jenlar Carter Trix Twin
1st Place Spring Yearling World Dairy Expo 2016
Owned by Brianna Meyer, Wisconsin

Cutting Edge Carter Kitty ET
1st Place Winter Calf Eastern National 2016
Owned by Olivia Love, Pennsylvania

Groves View Carter Trina
Owned by Groves View Dairy, Missouri

R Hart Carter 908
Owned by R Hart Farm, Ohio

Rockstar Carter Fergie
5th Jr. 2-Yr-Old World Dairy Expo 2014
Owned by Rockstar Genetics, Minnesota

Hilltop Acres Carter Nola
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

Little Hill Carter Merit (2nd lact)
Owned by Little Hill Farm, Pennsylvania

Twinkle-Hill CARTER Dixon
Nominated All American 2014
Owned by Twinkle-Hill Farm, Wisconsin

Twinkle-Hill Carter Jane
Owned by Twinkle-Hill Farm, Wisconsin

Voelkers Carter Les
Owned by Voelkers Swiss, Missouri

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