#2 TYPE, #3 MILK (Proven

Richard *TM
Nemo x Ensign x Banker

■ Champions Collection Graduate with Elite Type & Production
■ All-American Nominees, High UDC and Milk to Fill the Tank
■ First-Crop Daughters Fresh and Dairymen MUST HAVE MORE!

54BS539 JO DEE NEMO RICHARD *TM • Reg-68155420 • aAa 453 • DMS 345
Kappa Casein: BB • Beta Cas: A1/A2

FULL SISTER: Jo Dee Nemo Risky ‘E 91 E 93 MS’
Honorable Mention All-American in 2012 & 2013
Member of All-American Best 3 Females 2013

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Eagle, Denmark, Galaxy, Diablo, Dynasty, Agenda, Torch, Legacy, Dragon, Goldwyn, Temtation, Whiskey, Durango, Nelgor, Pronto, Snickerdoodle sons, Supreme, Etlar, Brookings, Total, Dally, Alloy, August, Valor, Carl, Denver, Jackson, Tex, Power Surge, Ace, Solution, Agio, Wurl, Hussli, Scipio, President, Jolt, Berretta, Absolute, Madden, Cadence, Starbuck, Dominator, Dario, Dane, St. Nick, Talent, Forest, Powerplay, Exclaim, Thor, Dalhart, Deputy, Jongleur, Desi, Dewey, Dirk, Duelist, Brinks, Tau, Moonshine, Mpowered, Zoldo Zeus, Motown, Mojo, Zoldo Even, Parker, Ransom, Braiden, Zaster, Emory, Nelgor, Joel, Golden Boy, Eddie, Biver, Cayenne Pepper, Payssli, Harts Thunder, Cutting Edge Thunder, Delphi, Magic, Rebel, TD, Kannon, Dupont, Cosmo, Davenport, Double Dare Logan, Durham, Raven, Boss, Zach, Explorer, Kingsman, Durable, Austin, Bosephus, Astra, Atwood, Wonderment, Tanbark, Carter, Vitalis, Vigor, Driver, Tonka, Platinum & Double Delux

Don’t use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Goldrush, Jetway, Ensign & Prelude

We are pleased to offer this sire collection featuring elite bulls with superior genomic type AND positive production traits from All-American cow families. This program was created for the breeder who wants elite type from proven cow families, but does not want to sacrifice production.

Sire: Jo-Dee Prelude Nemo-ET *TM

Dam: Jo-Dee Ensign Rosebud ‘2E 93 E 92 MS’
5-11 365d 2x 30,280 3.6 1,085 3.3 988
All-American 2013 & 2X HM All-American
5X Nominated All-American

MGD: Jo-Dee Banker Rose ‘2E 92 E 92 MS’
3-09 365d 2x 33,080 4.1 1,347 3.3 1,102
Lifetime: 2,194d 182,680m 7,613f 6,407p
Nominated All-American 2009

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Peach Kist Richard Brynn
5th Place Fall Calf World Dairy Expo 2016
Owned by Jenna Smith-Lenhart, Pennsylvania

Blessing Richard Melinda
1st Place Winter Calf WI State Show 2016
Owned by Louie & Garen Oliveira, California

Hilltop Acres Richard Devina
Fresh At 1 Year And 10 Months
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

R-Plaine Richard Legend
Owned by Jon Retzlaff, Wisconsin

Daveco Richard Fritzy ET
Owned by Jill Bonow, Minnesota

Nor-Bert Richard Jaguar
Junior Champion SE National 2016
Owned by Groves View Dairy, Missouri

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