tanbark *TM
Wonderment x Premium x Jetway

■ The Premier Sire for Heifers in 2015!
■ High Milk & Unmatched Frames & Style.

54BS486 Pit-Crew Wonder tanbark et *tm • Reg-68122966 • DMS 126,561 • aAa 261435
Beta Casein: A2/A2

Full Sister: Pit-Crew Wonder Tada
2011 Reserve All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Eagle, Denmark, Galaxy, Diablo, Dynasty, Agenda, Torch,  Legacy, Dragon, Driver, Goldwyn, Temtation, Whiskey, Durango, Pronto, Snickerdoodle sons, Supreme, Etlar, Brookings, Total, Brinks, Dally, TD, Alloy, August, Valor, Carl, Denver, Jackson, Tex, Power Surge, Ace, Tonka, Vitalis, Tau, Agio, Wurl, Hussli, Scipio, President, Jolt, Vigor, Berretta, Vigor sons, Absolute, Madden, Moonshine, Mpowered, Pro, Pursue, Thor, Tonka, Vitalis, Platinum, Dalhart, Davenport, Deputy, St. Nick, Desi, Dewey, Dirk, Double Dare, Double Delux, Duelist, Exclaim, Even, Michelob, Dominator, Zoldo Zeus, Parker, Ransom, Motown, Mojo, Braiden, Zoldo, Nelgor, Richard, Starbuck, Zaster, Emory, Ensign, & Joel

Don’t use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from :
Wonderment, Carter, Logan, Austin, Cadence, Bosephus, Durham, Raven, Boss, Zach, Talent, Explorer, Premium, Solution, Jetway, Forest, Durable, Goldrush, Powerplay, Astra, Atwood, Cosmo & Kingsman

Sire: Top Acres C Wonderment ET *TM
G-USDA 4-11 PTA +1333m +53f +.00% +39p -.02%

Dam: Milk & Honey Prem Tifany ET *TM ‘E 92’
USDA 4-11 PTA +547m +18f -.02% +25p +.03%
2-03 305d 2x 19,430 4.0 773 3.4 664
4-02 305d 2x 20,850 4.1 856 3.5 725
Two-Time Nominated All-American

MGD: Timberline Jetway Toni (M*) ‘3E 94’
3-06 365d 2x 22,380 3.7 831 3.8 841
5-11 305d 2x 25,110 5.0 1,258 3.5 884
8-11 305d 2x 24,970 5.4 1,357 3.4 858
Four-Time All-American



Pit-Crew Tanbark Koko
Junior Champion Southeastern National Show 2015 Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics, Minnesota
R N R Tanbark Jera Ginger
Owned by RNR Swiss, Ohio
Glad Ray Tanbark Tease
Honerable Mention Jr. Champion All American Dairy Show 2013
Owned by Glad Ray Farm, Jen & Chris Hill & Kathy Whitman
Just So Tanbark Whiplash
Jr. Champion Wisconsin State Fair 2013
HM Jr. Champion World Dairy Expo 2013
Owned by Just So Farm, Wisconsin

Turnpike View Tanbark Janelle
4th Place Summer Yearling at World Dairy Expo 2013
Owned by Dylan Coleman,Pennsylvania

Olsons Asp Tanbark Aspiration
3rd place Summer Yrling at World Dairy Expo 2013
Owned by Olson Dairy, Minnesota
Glad-Ray Tanbark Salsa
4th Place Winter Calf at World Dairy Expo 2013
Owned by K. Scott Hood, David Eigenbrode & Kathy Whitman, Maryland

Silver Top Tanbark Tinsel
Owned by Shelby Biasini, Vermont

Voelkers Tanbark April
Owned by Alyson Conner, Oklahoma
Vogrin Tanbark Cosmo
Owned by VoGrin Swiss, Wisconsin
Classy Creek Tanbark Hanna
Owned by Kayluh Gulley, New York
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