#5 PPR, #4 NM$

tonka *TM
Driver x Joel x Pronto

■ High PPR, Outcross Option, Super Health Traits & Milk!
■ Great Udders, Great Components & Herd Favorites.

54BS517 Cozy Nook Driver TONKA *TM • Reg 68139913 • aAa 531 • Kappa Casein: BB

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Eddie, Biver, Cayenne Pepper, Rebel, Galaxy, Seasidebloom, Dixon, High-Tower, Lost Art, Daredevil, Moses, Archer, Advisor, Hacker, Maestro, Liberate, Flash, Kyrie, Ben, Roscoe, Diablo, Agenda, Torch, Legacy, Dragon, Goldwyn, Whiskey, Supreme, Etlar, Total, Cash, Wizdom, Dally, Git-R-Done, Alloy, August, Valor, Carl, Tex, Power Surge, Jolt, Mpowered, Thor, Dalhart, Payssli, Double Delux, Michelob, Jetway, Premium, Parker, Dario, Dane, Jongleur, Motown, Mojo, Braiden, Nelgor, Richard, Powerplay, Solution, Magic, Brookings, Moonshine, Deputy, Desi, Dewey, Emory, Ensign, TD, Aleutian, Cutting Edge Thunder, Brady, Carter, Cadence, Cosmo, Pegasus, Get Lucky, Talent, Bush, Dominator, Dundee, Vigor, Durango Davenport, Wonderment, Cartel,  Jackson, St. Nick, Dirk, Anibal, Norwin, Madden, Berretta, Jublation, Golden Boy, Harts Thunder, Denver, Logan, Austin, Goldrush, Chili Pepper, Bosephus, Durham, Raven, Boss, Dupont, Zach, Explorer, Forest, Kingsman, Durable, Astra, Atwood, Wunder, Tanbark Dynasty, Platinum, Car, Winning Formula, Price, Kobe, Lexus & Lawman

Don’t use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from :
Temtation, Double Dare, Duelist, Delphi, Pronto, Joel, Vitalis, Kannon, Driver, Tempo, Hickory, Hercules, Twylight, Tip Up & Trace


2-01 365d 2x 26,940 4.2 1,144 3.5 950
3-04 330d 2x 22,640 4.8 1,084 3.9 888
4-03 297d 2x 21,100 4.7 999 4.0 843
5-02 322d 2x 28,920 4.2 1,211 3.7 1,056

‘4E 92 E 93 MS’
4-01 365d 2x 39,680 4.0 1,569 3.3 1,303
Lifetime: 3,548d 304,681m 13,170f 10,703p

Cozy Nook Tonka Abralee
Owned by Cozy Nook Farm, Wisconsin

Eachibon July Tonka Jan OCS
Owned by The Weirouch Family, Wisconsin
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