#5 Productive Life (Proven)

President (D) x Even x Preston

■ The HALL OF FAME Bull has Passed, but You Can Still be a part of the Story !

54BS374 Sun-Made VIGOR-ET *TM H• Reg 195618 • DMS 456,345 • aAa 165324
Kappa Casein: BB • Beta Casein: A2/A2 • BH1 Positive

Mating Recommendations:

Use on typical daughters of & bloodlines from:
Collection, Denmark, Gordon, Galaxy, Banker, Jetway, Wonderment, Parker, Monarch, Tex, Dynasty, Agenda, Legacy, Driver, Pronto, Gotcha, Snickerdoodle sons, Supreme, Brookings, Brinks, Pollyden, Zoldo Zeus, TD, Alloy, Denver, Jolt, Power Surge, Ace, Solution, Starbuck, Agio, Wurl, Hussli, Vinos Blood, Moiado, Scipio, Etvei, Beamer, Pomere, Joel, Goldwyn, Whiskey, Jackson, Cayenne Pepper, Nelgor, Jongleur, Tanbark, Carter, Bosephus, Total, Carl, Twilight, Trace, Temtation Cadence, Etlar, Chili Pepper & August

Due to VIGOR's HB1 status do not use him on
Daughters or Maternal Grandaughters of :


Sire: Lost Elm President (D) *Superior Sire

Dam: Genesis Even Victoria ET ‘2E-93’
2-04 365c 3x 26,080 4.1 1,057 3.9 959
3-06 365d 3x 28,610 3.6 1,024 4.1 1,104
6-05 365d 2x 36,530 4.3 1,558 3.9 1,348

MGD: Genesis Preston Veronica ‘2E-90’
5-01 365d 3x 27,720 3.6 991 3.6 945
7-06 365d 3x 30,030 3.7 1124 3.2 887

Second and first lactation VIGOR daughters
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

Hilltop Acres Dolly ET (4TH LACT.)
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

RNR VIGOR Broadway

IE Champion View Vigor 3849
5th lactation & over 216,000 lifetime milk!
Owned by Jo-Bo Holsteins, Pennsylvania

Joas Vigor Berlina

Vigor x Holstein cross
Owned by Mts Slijkhuis, Holland

Daveco Vigor Flirty
Owned by Jillian Cowles, Wisconsin

Vigor Jarled
Owned by Wisler Kurt, Switzerland

Lost Elm Elita Vigor Snack
Owned by Todd Hyman, New York

Vigor Mariza-ET
Owned by Stocker Rolf, Switzerland

Lost Elm Vigor Silk
2nd place Jr. 3-Yr-Old at the WI State Fair 2013
Owned by Tiona Tulachka, Wisconsin

Kedar Vigor Heike
Owned by Jonny Lochhead, Scotland

Vigor Flurina
Owned by A. R.Etterlin, Switzerland

Jolahofs Vigor Jola (2nd Lactation)
Owned by Martin Reichmuth, Switzerland

Sun Made KB Vigor Peach ET
Owned by Triangle Acres, Illinois

Kalin Vigor Simba (3rd Lactation)
Owned by Kälin Perter,Etzel, Switzerland

Hoodstead Vigor Perfecta
Owned by Nicole Hood, MD

Larchenhofs Vigor Viola
Owned by Emil Giger-Davatz, Switzerland

Vigor Vera
Owned by Albert Peter

Snow Valley Vigor Priceless (2nd Lactation)
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

Hilltop Acres Vigor Divinity-ET
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

Pert Sun Made KB Vigor
Owned by Sunshine Genetics, Inc.  Whitewater, WI

Vigor Tanga

Vigor Vanilla
Owned by Fl.+ S. Schamaun, Switzerland

Snow Valley VIGOR Poohbear
Owned by Les Hargrave, NY

Vigor Valetta
Owned by Jost Von Wyl, Switzerland

Vigor Vanessa
Owned by Josef Hofstetter, Switzerland

Vigor Tanja
Owned by Toni Ettlin, Switzerland

Vigor Hillary
Owned by Wendlin Casutt, Switzerland

Vigor Vita
Owned by Ruedi Thomann Ruedi, Switzerland

Vigor Tina
Owned by Albert Lendi-Hilbi, Switzerland

Moonriver Vigor Belinda
Owned by R Darlington & E Bruce, United Kingdom

Vigor Tanga
Owned by G & S Thomann, Switzerland

Olsons Vigor Mint Mindy-ET
Owned by Cozy Nook Brown Swiss, WI

Vigor Cha Cha
Owned by Ed Hart, Missouri

vigor fawn
Locin Vigor Fawn

Vigor Kalin
Owned by Peter Fohn

vigor fawn3
Locin Vigor Fawn

Vigor Dolly & Vigor Divinity
Owned by Hilltop Acres, Iowa

vigor fawn2
Locin Vigor Fawn

Preisig Vigor Rubina
Owned by Martin Preisig, Switzerland

Siegerts Vigor Thanks
Res. Jr. Champion WI State Show 2009
Owned by Nicole Wright, Wisconsin

Vigor Karunkel (fourth lactation)
Owned by Roland Peter, Sargans, Switzerland

Vigor Paula, Switzerland
Owned by Rene Lindenmann, Switzerland

Vigor Daughter Group, Switzerland

Vigor Paula, Switzerland
Owned by Rene Lindenmann, Switzerland

Mouse over to see her earlier photo!
Vigor Karunkel 2nd Lactation
Owned by Roland Peter, Sargans, Switzerland

Vigor Lobi

Vigor Karunkel (first lactation)
Owned by Roland Peter, Sargans, Switzerland

Vigor Lobi

Vigor Lobi

Vigor Blessing Amalia
She sold for $32,000 in the 2008 National Sale

Owned by Gubelmann Brown Swiss, Canada

Vigor Fichte
Owned by Erwin Beeler, Switzerland

Vigor Valeska

Owned by Christian Oswald, Switzerland

Vigor Daughter - Udder Shot

Vigor Daughter - Udder Shot
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