December 5, 2012
New Generation Genetics Bulls Leads Stand Alone Following December Genetic Evaluations
Fort Atkinson, WI

Following the release of the December 2012 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, and PPR.

 54BS374 Sun-Made VIGOR ET *TM VIGOR continues to be one of the best bulls in the world. Vigor added over 1,000 new daughters to his proof for the third time in 2012. Vigor’s proof is PPR 140 NM$ +469 +378m +17p +2.3 DPR +0.6 Type and +1.15 Udder Composite +0.8 Mobility and a breed leading +7.1 Productive Life.

 54BS438 R N R Payoff BROOKINGS ranks at the top for PPR and NM$ and continues to exhibit why he is such a breed favorite. Brookings sons are now being actively sampled.  His production proof improved to +324m +31f +.08% +24p +.06% +4.2 Productive Life, +1.0 DPR 175 PPR and +470 NM$. Brookings is also near the top of the type list at +1.0 Type +1.3 Mobility and +1.18 Udder Composite. Brookings has been found to have a shorter gestation—similar to that of a Holstein—and the calving ease of 4% is superior for this reason.

 54BS438 Cozy Nook Beamer TORCH ranks among the best bulls in the breed. Torch improved all facets of his proof with an increase in production, type and health traits, and currently ranks #4 for PPR. His proof and is +480m +49f +.13% +35p +.09% +3.1 Productive Life +1.0 DPR +0.96 Udder Composite 178 PPR and +441 NM$. TORCH is now available in Preferred Sex Semen.

 54BS453 SDF Etvei CARL ET *TM graduate in August and continues to improve his rankings, currently #5 PPR in the breed. Carl was proven and now added his first milking US daughters to his proof to join the ones in Switzerland. Carl nearly tripled the number of daughters in his proof which now is 175 PPR +806m +44f +.06% +40p +.06% +0.5 Type +0.6 Mobility and +0.78 Udder Composite.

 196BS16092 Alders Wagor NELGOR *TM imported from Switzerland offering an outcross opportunity, he is exclusively available in the US. Nelgor has impressed producers in Europe with his high production and outstanding udders. Nelgor’s proof is +1465m +37f +39p +0.4 Productive Life +1.18 Udder Composite and 135 PPR.

.Preferred Sex Semen is also available from Voelkers TD CARTER *TM, Bo Joy Agenda GOLDWYN, Sunnyisle TOTAL ET *TM and Pit-Crew Wonder TANBARK.

 New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S.

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