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Dominating Results from New Generation Genetics Sires at 2021 World Dairy Expo International Brown Swiss Show

After a year of absence, World Dairy Expo returned to Madison, WI with force, producing the greatest number of entries in the Brown Swiss show since 2016. In addition to this, exhibitors delivered some of the greatest classes in history, with exceptional quality from top to bottom.
New Generation Genetics sired heifers and cows continued to set the bar extremely high at the 2021 show. 54BS482 CARTER claimed the title of Premier Sire of the World Dairy Expo Brown Swiss Heifer Show for the third year in a row! He sired at least one daughter within the top 6 of each non-milking heifer class (results below). He also claimed the Ted Krueger Premier Sire Award as Premier Sire of the World Dairy Expo Brown Swiss Cow Show.

A favorite among many of the young cow classes were 54BS558 DAREDEVIL daughters. Including the first place Yearling Heifer in Milk, Just So D Fortune-ET, owned by Just So Farm, WI. The eye-catching size, stretch and style of these young cows helped them earn their ranking in the class. When viewed from behind, it was easy for spectators to pick out daughters sired by Daredevil due to their impressive rear height, width, and cleft.
54BS539 RICHARD continued to sire some of the best cows to hit the colored shavings with two class winning daughters - Pit-Crew Rich Peaches-Twin, the winning Senior Two-Year Old Cow, and Pit-Crew Rich Prankster-ET, the winning Four-Year-Old Cow. Pit-Crew Rich Peaches-Twin went on to claim Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion of the show.
Sweeping the Junior Champion title of both the open and junior shows was Pit-Crew Formula Tawny, owned by Pit Crew Genetics, MN and sired by 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA. She was also crowned Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer of the junior show on Saturday.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by the New Generation Genetics booth to visit during World Dairy Expo. It was great to catch up after a year off. To the exhibitors - we wish you continued success with New Generation Genetics sired daughters in the upcoming show seasons. View our current line up to see the upcoming sires to use from our Champions Collection, along with many other breed leading type and udder composite bulls. Congratulations!
Show Results from Listed Bulls

High Placing CARTER Sired Heifers (Within the top 6)
Spring Calf - Harvst Brz Carter Winkydink, Ellie Albert, IL (5th)
Winter Calf - Round Hill Hpp Cart Gigi-ETV, Addison Goldenberg, MD (6th)
Fall Calf - Kruses Carter Jive-ETV, Trent Hammerhand, Acclaimed Swiss, IA (3rd)
Summer Yearling - Topp B-3 Woodford, Brothers Three Brown Swiss, WI (2nd)
Spring Yearling - Brook Hollow C Priistine, Delbert & Heather Yoder, OH (1st)
Winter Yearling - Acclaimed C Sweet-ETV, Hannah Albert, IL (5th)
Fall Yearling (not in milk) – Fairdale Carter Cameo-ETV, Fairdale Farm LLC, KY (2nd)
High Placing CARTER Sired Cows (Within the top 10)
Milking Yearling – Round Hill Cartr Wyoming-ET, Bridget A., WI (7th)
Junior 2-Year-Old – Lauterbach C Perception, Korey Oechsle & Torie Bockley, WI (9th)
Junior 2-Year-Old – Acclaimed C Jazzy-ETV, Lindsay Rucks & Peter Vail (10th)
Senior 2-Year-Old – Brown Heaven Carter Falby-ET, Ferme Brown Heaven & Milk Source, QC (2nd)
Senior-2-Year-Old – Jenlar Carter Whiplash-ETV, Hills Valley Farm, LLC, NY (4th)
Senior-2-Year-Old – Seths Carter Perta-ET, Seth Nehls, WI (6th)
*Junior-3-Year-Old – Johann Carter Dartmouth, Niermans, IN (2nd)
Senior-3-Year-Old – New View C Bravo, John & Bonnie Ayars, OH (6th)
*Senior-3-Year-Old – Groves View Carter Teardrop, Grant Groves, MO (7th)
4-Year-Old – A Joy C Nissan, Abbie Evans, PA (9th)
*Johann Carter Dartmouth was also Reserve Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show.
*Groves View Carter Teardrop was also named Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show.
High Placing DAREDEVIL Sired Cows (Within the top 10)
Yearling Heifer in Milk – Just so D Fortune-ET, Just So Farm, WI (1st)
Junior 2-Year-Old – CIE Double W Daredevil Prosper, Landen Knapp, IA (4th)
Junior 2-Year-Old – Pit-Crew Daredevil Kona, Pit Crew Genetics, MN (5th)
Junior 2-Year-Old – Rockview Daredevil Fara, Matt Opland, WI (7th)
Senior 3-Year-Old – Pit-Crew Daredevil Noelle, Pit Crew Genetics, MN (9th)
4-Year-Old – Cutting Edge D Trish-ETV, Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion, NY (4th)
High Placing RICHARD Sired Cows (Within the top 6)
*Senior Two-Year-Old – Pit-Crew Richard Peaches-Twin, Pit Crew Genetics, MN (1st)
Senior Three-Year-Old – Double W Richard Baltimore, Fairdale Farm LLC, KY (5th)
Four-Year-Old – Pit-Crew Rich Prankster-ET, Pit Crew Genetics, MN (1st)
Four-Year-Old – Jaden R Noty Hog, Hayden Hauschildt, WI (3rd)
Five-Year-Old – Triangle Acres Pandora-ET, Rebecca Korth, IL (5th)
Five-Year-Old - Red Brae Spa Richard Nicole, Steven Armbruster, WI (6th)
*Pit-Crew Rich Peaches-Twin was also named Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion.
High Placing WINNING FORMULA Sired Heifers and Cows (Within the top 10)
Winter Calf – Jennings Gap WF Harmonie, Billie Jo Rhodes, VA (1st)
Summer Yearling – Brown Heaven WF Charlie, Tammy Voegeli & Becky Allen, WI (5th)
*Winter Yearling – Pit-Crew Formula Tawny, Pit Crew Genetics & Abby Foss, MN (1st)
Winter Yearling – Pit-Crew Formula Nicky, Pit Crew Genetics & Allison Foss, MN (2nd)
Junior Three-Year-Old – Pit Crew Formula Tricks, Pit Crew Genetics, MN (4th)
Junior Three-Year-Old – Summerwynd Jane Doe, Tyler Schroepfer, WI (8th)
*Pit-Crew Formula Tawny was Junior Champion of the open and junior shows. She was later named Reserve Supreme Heifer of the junior show.