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New Generation Genetics is Proud to Announce our New Fertility Program – CONCEPTION FIRST

New Generation Genetics is Proud to Announce our New Fertility Program – CONCEPTION FIRST.
CONCEPTION FIRST will showcase our bulls that are outstanding in sire conception rate (SCR) AND daughter pregnancy rate (DPR) – the building blocks for dairy cattle fertility. This combination is brand new to the industry, as New Generation is the only A.I. company to factor future conception success into a personalized fertility formula through the inclusion of DPR. To be considered a “Conception First” sire a bull must be above the Brown Swiss breed’s average conception rate of 30% and above +0.0 DPR.
Conception in your herd may start at a confirmed pregnancy check, but it doesn’t end there. The selections and decisions made when breeding can make an impact on your herd’s profitability for generations to come. Make plans for the future by using CONCEPTION FIRST bulls to progress towards a more profitable, fertile herd with fewer breedings per animal, a narrower window for herd calving interval, and a more desirable herd average for days in milk.
We are very happy with the results we are seeing from our PREFERRED SEX product produced by IntelliGen Technologies. This product has gained both popularity and success since its addition to our lineup in 2017. An added benefit to our CONCEPTION FIRST program is the ability to detect how our bull’s sexed semen is performing in herds, which is not currently always calculated separately from conventional semen by the CDCB.
CONCEPTION FIRST is backed by conception data gathered directly from herds currently using our sires. Data was collected from 16 dairies across the United States that used large volumes of New Generation Genetics sires in 2020. The data features the results from 2020 breedings only. This real time, up to date information will provide data for bulls that may not be listed with sire conception data in Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) summary yet. Gathering this data has allowed us to compare the quality and performance of an individual bull’s semen as he ages and in the present day. Many bulls have shown major improvements in semen fertility over time. This change has not been reflected in the standard CDCB SCR reports throughout the bull’s proof history yet.

DPR Stars – Lighting the Way for Future Success in Your Breeding Program
New Generation Genetics has made it a priority to support the improvement of fertility traits in the Brown Swiss breed through vigilant and attentive sire selection. Our selections have created a sire lineup that features an exceptional number of sires with positive daughter pregnancy rate. In fact, in our December 2020 catalog 18 out of 28 featured sires possessed positive daughter fertility. This trend will continue as 15 of our 18 Genomic Gems also display positive DPR.
DPR is a critical factor in a cow’s lifetime profitability. Her ability to calve within your desired timeframe each lactation will determine if she is a profitable addition to your herd or not. Families that want to bring their best cows out for consecutive show winning titles and nominations will also appreciate the value DPR adds to their herd. Achieving the correct calving interval for your show string and planning pregnancies for ideal calf birthdates is easy when you have done the ground work to ensure breeding success. Our DPR STARS are great choices for DPR improvement in your herd. All DPR STAR bulls meet our criteria of +1.0 DPR or greater. Don’t wait - start working towards greater reproductive success today!
*Conception First Sires will be updated once per calendar year to continue providing breeders with "real time" data of bulls’ performance and to provide the tools to make the BEST Choice for your herd*
*DPR Stars will be updated every proof run with bulls that meet the required +1.0 DPR number*