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July 22, 2019


Check out our new feature: "Bull of the Season!" During each season of the year, we will feature a different bull that is leaving an impact. Check out the story on GET LUCKY on his breders and how he came about. Also, we will be featuring the Bull of the Season on Facebook throughout the year. During the bulls’ specific season, please share your daughters by using the hashtag #bulloftheseason.

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April 16, 2019

Correct Registration number for 54BS581 RASTA

We want to alert all breeders especially those in the USA that are registering calves from 54BS581 RASTA.
He was genomic tested with an 840# then when registered was given the reg# 68183194.

His correct ID to register calves needs to be used as his original reg# 840003135087427.

April 4, 2019

NGG Celebrate 25th Anniversary after April 2019 Proofs

NGG is very excited to celebrate our 25th Anniversary of being "the Best in Brown Swiss" with another competition crushing proof run with the release of the April 2019 Sire Summary.
-NGG currently offers the #1 bull for G-PPR and new debut of the #4 bull
- 3  of the top 5 Proven bulls for PPR
- the #1 G-NM$ bull & the #1 Proven NM$ bull
- The #1 tied for Proven type bull along with bulls tied for #3, #4 & #5
- 7 bulls that rank tied for the top 5 spots for G-Type
- The #1 & #5 Proven Milk bulls along with 2 of the top 5 G-Milk bulls
- 2 of the top 5 G-Fat bulls & 2 of the top 5 Proven Fat bulls
- 3 of the top 5 Proven Protein bulls & 3 of the top 5 Proven too
- The #1 G-DPR and G-PL POLLED bull in the breed who is also the #2 G-PPR, #2 Type & #3 UDC bull
- The #1 G-Type & G-UDC POLLED bull
-3 of the top 5 Proven SCR (fertility) bulls
54BS509 CADENCE- Is truly the most popular bull in the world from the USA!  He ranks in the top 5 for PPR, Type, SCR (fertility), Fat and Protein. Cadence continues to be the model of consistency at  +1112 with 43 fat and 42 protein. His Type is +1.1 with a +0.95 Udder Composite. Cadence's influence can be seen as the top G-PPR bulls and G-PPR Heifers in the breed have CADENCE in their pedigrees.

CHAMPIONS COLLECTION 54BS539 RICHARD is now proven and what a sky rocket this bull is riding. He is the #4 Proven Type bull tied  at +1.0. His UDC has gone back up at +1.09 which is very evident as the first daughters are calving now the 2nd time and only improving with age. His milk is now a staggering +1232 along with +1.7 PL and +1.2 SCR (fertility).
54BS557 GET LUCKY- Graduates into the Proven Line-up as a total breed leader for production & PPR. He is the #1 proven milk bull at +1803 and is the #4 PPR bull at 151. Get Lucky has confirmed his lofty genomic predictions as the #1 G-Production bull on his debut as he ranks near the top for all 3 traits now that he is proven.

54BS482 CARTER- Remains the #1 proven Type bull and continues to add more daughters and holds at +1.3 Type with a +1.14 UDC. Carter is truly showing what his daughters can do as he is now +1175 milk! Carter is making show winners, sale toppers, high genomic females and big time milk cows with high scores and honestly we may have yet to see his best daughters fresh so be on the lookout!
54BS577 Silver is the #1 G-PPR bull at 205 and the #1 NM$ bull at $539 NM$. Silver is a Kannon son from a VG 86 Cadence daughter who is one of the top 20 G-PPR cows in the breed. Silver is a bull that genomics was meant to make us as he combines two of the top PPR bulls in his immediate sire stack. This resulted in an all around bull that every breeder will want to get their hands on. Silver is +1229m, +61f, +49p, +0.9 Type and +1.34 UDC. As you can see a true bull with not only no holes but excels in every phase!
54BS584 Toby is the Daredevil son from the now EX90 EX 91 MS Paysli Treacherous cow who is the choice to gain all the type and style benefits of Daredevil while also improving health traits with the best health trait family in the breed for Cozy Nook. Toby is +1.3 Type and +1.35 UDC and the #1 Fore Udder bull at +3.1. Toby is a health trait leader at +2.0 DPR, +4.5 PL and +1.2 Livability which he combines with being +651 for milk.

54BS586 Kade NP remains the top POLLED bull for nearly all traits and is now having his first daughters and sons hit the ground. Kade is a leader for health traits ranking #3 G-DPR for all bulls at +3.0, is +3.9 PL, and +1.9 Livability. Kade is a component specialist at +39f and +1.0% and +24p +.05% and is +0.8 Type. His outcross opportunity and polled gene make him the optimum choice for all your top animals.
54BS583 Doboy continues to be a breed leader for type as tied for #2 G-type but unlike #1 you can have breed leading milk too! He is tied as the #2 G-Type bull at +1.6. He is a DAREDEVIL son out of VG-86 CADENCE daughter. Doboy will add production and components with +1187m, +47f, +39p and $426 NM$ and 158 G-PPR. Doboy will for sure be the sire you will want use in your herd.
54BS581 Rasta is tied as the #4 G-Type bull at +1.4 and +1.55 UDC. Rasta is positive for milk and solid for health traits so not only is he fit to make the next show winner but they will make you money milking them too. Rasta is now available in Preferred Sex Semen and ready for your next All American!

54BS568 Fast & Furious is a start your engines kind of bull. His first offspring are on the ground and boy are they fancy! Out of the first EX 97 and two -time grand champion at World Dairy Expo Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy, Fast & Furious is sure to get your engines going. He is ready to make show winners with a +1.0 Type and a +1.27 UDC and can make a huge dent in the milk tank too as he is over +900 for milk!
54BS590 Catapult debuts as a PPR and production monster. He is an outcross and is the new #4 G-PPR bull at 194. Catapult is a Tonka son from an VG 88 Etlar who has made a record over 34,000 and now a record over 44,000 so his +1346 milk number is a shock to nobody. He is also +52f, +51p, +2.3 PL, +0.6 DPR and +2.8 Livability. If you want to make money and so it efficiently then this is the bull to do it.

February 8, 2019

NGG Bulls Sire 2018 All Americans

The 2018 All American results have been announced and NGG who had 8 different bulls sire 22 All American nominations still lead the way for the winners!

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January 28, 2019

The Loss of a Legend

Every cow that wins Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo is one of the best in our breed in the USA ever but the “Legends” win it multiple times and we as a breed have lost a Legend with the passing of Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy 'EX 97 EX 97 MS'. 

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January 7, 2019

New Generation Genetics Celebrates 25 Years!

New Generation Genetics celebrates 25 years! 

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December 4, 2018

As Strong as Ever!

New Generation Genetics' Bulls are proving As Strong as Ever! 

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April 10, 2018


Following the release of the April 2018 genetics, NGG bulls are leading the way for PPR, Milk, Fat, Protein, Health Traits, Type, Udders, NM$ & the best genomic bulls in the breed!
-NGG currently offers the #1,  #2 & 2 bulls tied for #5 Proven bulls for PPR

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