April 12, 2010
New Young Sires Released
Fort Atkinson, WI

Following the release of April sire summary information this week, New Generation Genetics is pleased to announce the release of three exciting, new young sires.

54BS469 NORTH LANES PT POKERFACE ET *TM is a Zoldo Zeus son of the very popular North Lanes Precise Pearl (M). Pearl is scored 2E-92 with an EX-92 mammary system and has a top record of 3-09 365d 26,500M 4.2% 1,122F 3.6% 966P. This Ohio-bred cow is becoming a very popular dam of sons. His sire is Peters Top Zoldo Zeus.  The Genomic tested proof for POKERFACE is +400m +22f +21p with a Productive Life score of +2.3, Type of +0.4and  +$218 NM$.

54BS470 NGG BROOKLYN ET is a brand new outcross sire from a deep pedigree straight from Europe. His sire is the popular German bull Emerog ET. Brooklyn’s dam is Hussli Buna who is a very popular new bull mother in Europe.  Buna has high fertility in her bloodlines and already has completed four lactations despite being only six years of age. Her top record is 5-09 305d 28,070M 4.0% 1,124F 3.8% 1,012P. The Genomic tested proof for BROOKLYN is +1354m +39f +42p with a Productive Life score of +2.1, Daughter Pregnancy Rate of +0.9 and +$367NM$.

54BS471 HILLTOP ACRES AGIO DODGE ET is a new Agio son from a brand new bull mother with deep maternal lines. Dodge is sired by a leading bull from Switzerland named Barmettler BS Ace Agio ET *TM and is out of Cutting Edge Prem Dally ET who is scored ‘VG-88’ at 2 years old. Her first lactation finished at 2-02 365d 32,800M 4.1% 1,331F 3.7% 1,160P. Dally is a Premium daughter of 2-time All-American Arthurst Garbro Dixie who is scored a breed maximum of ‘3E 94’. The Genomic tested proof for DODGE is +542m +19f +19p with a Daughter Pregnancy Rate of +0.8, Type score of +0.4 and +$194 NM$.

To learn more about these new, exciting offerings from New Generation Genetics, please call (920) 568-0554, email dan@brownswiss.com or jake@brownswiss.com.

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