December 7, 2010
Another Exciting Run at New Generation Genetics!
Fort Atkinson, WI

The December run revealed the Top 4 milk, Top 2 Fat, Top 3 Protein and Top 2 Net Merit bulls all reside at NGG!  The current line-up also includes 3 of the Top 6 Type bulls and the #1 bull for Productive Life.

Steady and Stable
With the influx of significant numbers of new daughters, we are pleased with the stability of our leading bulls.

54BS374 VIGOR  while adding 75% more daughters, Vigor moved further up the production list, while remaining amongst the elite in nearly every important category!  In fact, he is now the #1 Udder Composite bull available in Switzerland, and is in the top 5 in the U.S.  See our web site later today for some amazing new daughter photos!

54BS456 WONDERMENT added 30% more daughters and strengthened his position as one of the breed's elite production bulls.  He now ranks 1st for milk, fat, protein. He also moved to the #1 position for type. 

Emerging Stars

54BS438 BROOKINGS (Payoff X Denmark) is the most exciting new bull for many years.  He blends solid milk with high components and elite health traits.  Add his new elite udder composite, and you see why the excitement has built for this elite Payoff son.  With no Ensign in the pedigree, he is easy to use for improving DPR, Productive Life and Somatic Cell and Milking Speed.

54BS433 GALAXY (Premium X Ensign) has moved from a popular sire in waiting to one of the breeds elite production bulls, ranking 3rd for milk.  His tall, long and stylish heifers are now clearly able to get it done in the milking parlor just as easily as the show ring.

54BS437 TORCH (Beamer X Pronto) is a new release from a brand new cow family.  He boasts extremely good components and health traits.  In fact, he ranks #3 for protein right out of the gate.  Daughters have plenty of power with well attached udders.  His outcross pedigree will make him easy to use.

54BS415 SOLUTION (Collection X Emory) moved up nicely, further cementing his place as Snickerdoodle best son for production.  He is also Collection's highest bull for Udder Composite.

54BS410 ALLOY (Dynasty X Collection) remains an elite production bull, ranking 4th for milk.  His powerful daughters have exceptional feet and legs, and perhaps the most impressive rear udders in the business!

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