December 9, 2010
New Young Sires Released
Fort Atkinson, WI

New Generation Genetics introduces 4 New High Genomic Young Sires

Fort Atkinson, WI (December 9, 2010)—Following the release of bull proofs this week, New Generation Genetics has released four new genomic-tested young sires.

54BS476 FAIR HILL WONDER EXPLORER *TM is a Wonderment son out of a popular cow family with bulls in A.I. for years.  His dam is Hilltop Acres DSTY Jan ET who is scored E 91 with an E 94 mammary.  Her top record is 2-02 365d 3x 31,340m 4.1% 1,285f 3.6% 1,141p.  Logan’s sire is Top Acres C Wonderment ET *TM the current #1 PPR bull in the breed with a proof of +1578m +59f +48p +1.1 Type and +306 NM$.  The Genomic tested proof for Explorer is +1071m +27f +37p +1.0 Type +3.6 Productive Life, +.5 DPR and +354 NM$. Explorer is sure to add elite milk production and type to any herd.

54BS478 TRIANGLE ACRES VIGOR PURSUE *TM. Pursue is a new Vigor son out of an all-time popular cow family.  His sire Sun-Made Vigor ET *TM is #2 Net Merit with a proof of +664m +17f +26p +6.6 Productive Life +0.6 Type +1.43 Udder Composite +0.4 DPR and +502 NM$.  Pursue’s Dam is Triangle Acres Poet Pure ET who is scored E 90 with an E 90 MS at four-years old.  Pure’s top record is 4-10 300d 2x 25,700m 4.6% 1,170f 3.7% 954p.  Pure has a son in A.I. already and descends from the prolific Triangle Acres Polly family.  The genomic tested proof for Pursue is +1299m +52f +37p +3.9 Productive Life +0.8 Type and +477 NM$. Pursue will make a great choice to improve every aspect of your breeding program.

54BS480 NORTH LANES GLENN PRO ET *TM. Pro is a Glenn son out of a very popular world-wide bull mother. His Dam is North Lanes Precise Pearl (M) who is scored 2E 92 and E 92 mammary. Pearl has 5 sons currently sampled in A.I. Pearl’s top record is 3-09 365d 2x 26,500m 4.2% 1,122f 3.6% 966p. Pro’s sire is the popular sire of sons in Europe,  Schamaun BS Gordon Glenn ET who is +580m +36f +33p +1.0 DPR +0.6 Type and +172 NM$. The Genomic tested proof fro Pro is +597m +40f +36p +0.5 Type and +103 NM$. Pro will make a great outcross sire for any herd.

54BS481 NORTH CREEK V CARMELLO. Carmello is a Vigor son from a brand new bull mother and out of a 2E 94 MGD. Carmello’s sire is Sun-Made Vigor who is the #1 Udder Composite bull in Switzerland with a proof of +664m +17f +26p +6.6 Productive Life +0.6 Type +1.43 Udder Composite +0.4 DPR and +502 NM$. Carmello’s dam is North Creek Diablo Cookie scored V 86 and E 90US at 2 years old. Her first completed record is 2-07 365d 3x 20,640m 4.5% 928f 3.2% 669p. Her dam is the popular R-Hart CD Cora scored 2E-94 and E 94 US. Carmello’s genomic proof is +811m +26f +24p +4.1 Productive Life +0.7 Type and +399 NM$. Carmello will be a great addition to your breeding program to improve longevity and type.

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