April 5, 2011
New Cow Adjustment Results in Changes
Fort Atkinson, WI

For the first time, USDA has applied a ‘Cow Adjustment’ to all cow indexes in the U.S. system.  What is a ‘Cow Adjustment’?  Simply stated, it is an attempt to make cow indexes more comparable to bull proofs.  As both sexes inherit the same genes, it is logical that the highest bulls be similar to the highest cows.  This adjustment considers difference from Parent Averages, year of birth, reliabilites and a host of other things.  Not all indexes change the same.  Cows at the extremes could change by us much as -700 milk or +400!  On average, is a reduction of about 180 pounds of milk, which of course has a negative impact on overall bull proofs as well, which is part of the reason most bulls dropped for production. Long term, these adjustments should make bulls proofs more stable, and cow indexes more accurate.

Another Solid Run....

54BS374 Vigor
nearly tripled his daughters to over 1200, yet maintained his rank at the #2 Net Merit Bull, and improved for type and udder composite he is now one of the 3 top bulls available for Udder Composite.  Never has a bull's second crop daughters created such a stir as Vigor!  Reports continue to flow in on how phenomenally good udders the Vigor daughters have, how well they milk, and how satisfied breeders are, and, how they intend to use him again!  These reports are from coast to coast, and from every corner of the world.

54BS438 Brookings took the adjustments in stride, and remains the #1 Net Merit bull.  Also, he improved to +1.0 for Type, tying him for #2 overall, and is on a par with Vigor himself for udder composite.  As most know, Brookings was injured in early March.  His condition is as good as can be expected, but we will not know his future for at least 3 more months.  We are making him available, while supply lasts.

54BS456 Wonderment has also begun to add 2nd crop daughters and has maintained his leading status for protein, and ranks in the Top 3 for milk and fat.  While we remain hopeful he will return to full semen production, his inventory remain limited, and is being offered in the U.S. on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

54BS437 Torch delivered impressive components along with extremely good Daughter Pregnancy Rating.  Overall, he ranks #6 for Net Merit.  He also came out at 102 for milking speed.

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