April 8, 2011
New Generation Genetics Releases Two New Super Samplers
Fort Atkinson, WI

54BS486 Pit-Crew Wonder TANBARK ET *TM bred by Pit-Crew Genetics in Minnesota and 54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER*TM, bred by Voelkers Swiss in Missouri, have entered the young sire sampling program at New Generation Genetics. Based on their superior pedigrees, TANBARK and CARTER will be labeled as a Super Samplers and are available to all breeders.

TANBARK’s pedigree features an offering of high production, elite components and show type. His Dam is Milk & Honey Prem Tiffany ET *TM (E92 E93 MS), who was Nominated All-American 5 year old in 2010 and as a 2 year old in 2007. Her Dam is the breed favorite Timberline Jetway Toni (M*) scored (3E 94 E94 MS), and is a four-time All-American and a two-time Reserve All-American all in milking form.

TANBARK’s sire is Top Acres C Wonderment ET *TM who is one of the most popular milk and type bulls in recent memory. TANBARK’s Genomic Parent Average is +1384m +44f +44p +1.0 Productive Life +0.2 NM$ +277 and +0.7 Type. He is expected to produce tall, stylish and dairy daughters with booming rear udders. His daughters will be going on the “Tanbark” trail every fall and offers an elite pedigree to add to any herd.

CARTER’s pedigree features a unique offering of outstanding production, unmatched longevity and type to make cows last. His Dam is Voelkers Wonderment Carabella (V86 V87 MS) at 2 years old. Carabella produced a 305d record over 17,000 lbs. of milk with nearly a 5% fat and currently ranks  #3 on the Brown Swiss PPR cow list. Her Dam is Voelkers Migiel Candid (2E 94 E95 MS), who was the All-American 5 year old cow in 2009. Candid has produced two lactation of over 33,000 lbs., 1,600 lbs. of fat, 1,000 lbs. of protein.

CARTER’s sire is Webster Ridge TD ET *TM who is known for being one of the best bulls all-time for Longevity and Fertility. CARTER’s Genomic Parent Average is +1105m +52f +28p +4.9 Productive Life +0.9 DPR NM$ +504 and +1.1 Type. He is expected to produce daughters with elite udder attachments and quality and add dairy strength. CARTER will fit any breeding program with his elite profit combination.

New Generation Genetics Inc. has the largest Brown Swiss young sire sampling program in North America. They offer their customers diverse choices; with major emphasis placed on production, performance, and profit. For further information, email dan@brownswiss.com or call 920-568-0554.

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