June 1, 2011
??WHAT LOOKS GOOD??-2nd Edition
Fort Atkinson, WI

The answer to the most asked question by breeders

Many breeders—both foreign and domestic—have the same goal of breeding high-quality Brown Swiss cattle that not only look good but reproduce in a timely manner and excel in production. These are ideals we can all support and has always been the goal at New Generation Genetics: to help you produce the complete cow.

 The most asked question while we are traveling on farms is “What looks good?”  Please read on to see highlights of both proven bulls that are succeeding in their second crop and also for young sires that are making a big impact with their first daughters fresh. 

54BS374 VIGOR- Vigor is now the best bull to hit the Brown Swiss breed in decades. With over 1,200 daughters in his proof world-wide his popularity has only continued to accelerate. With sons already sampled and awaiting proofs, A.I. companies have now turned focus on using the elite Vigor daughters in both the U.S. and Europe for bull mothers. The udders have been second to none, showing outstanding attachments, deep seams, correct teat placement and improves udder depth. The rear udders have been Vigors specialty being very high and wide and full at the top of the attachment with a level udder floor. Every dairymen milking Vigors has now gone back to using him again in their breeding programs. One of the comments that I have heard no matter what state I travel is “This is my Vigor and her mother had a poor udder and this is easily a 100% improvement.” The superior udders, tremendous feet & legs and longevity set him apart from every bull in the breed. He is the only “complete” bull in the breed ranking in the top of all production, fitness traits and type categories.

 54BS438 BROOKINGS- Brookings is well on his way to becoming one of the most popular bulls of his time. Daughters are now calving the second time and continue to mature and only get better. He will improve all udder traits and one look at his milking daughters confirms it. Though out of production from his injured leg, there is semen available and he is a bull that should be used in all breeding programs. He is currently becoming a very popular mating sire for A.I. Companies. Brookings will improve component pounds and percents, longevity and fertility both his semen and his daughter pregnancy rates.

 54BS415 SOLUTION- Solution is now starting to impress as daughters have entered their second and third lactations. They are tall, long bodied with a great combination of dairy strength. When choosing to introduce Snickerdoodle blood into your herd Solution is the only son of hers that will add production while maintaining high levels of type. Solution daughters are calving in a timely matter as evidence to his high DPR and are a great fertility improver for problem breeding family lines.

 54BS437 TORCH- Torch is producing the daughters that are going to excel in health traits. The daughters are making great records with high components and are breeding back very quickly as he is a breed leader for DPR. The udders are well attached; he is adding strength and will improve feet & legs with an ideal set. Torch is an ideal bull to use when making a complete cow that can compete in the commercial setting and for crossbreeding.

 54BS456 WONDERMENT- Wonderment now has more daughters calving in the last six months and the results have exceeded expectations. His show ring presence from the heifer classes the past few years is now going to only improve in the young cow classes this year. The production on the new daughters shows his proof is true and the udders have been youthful and well attached. Wonderment is being used heavily as a sire of sons and New Generation is proud to be leading the rest with one currently being sampled and four others waiting for proofs.

 Tried and True…

54BS330 DENVER- With over 7,500 daughters world-wide Denver is the most reliable bull in the breed. Denver daughters are present in most herds through the country ranging from young calves to 10 year old cows. Denver is a breed leader for fertility and has been a great option for problem breeders for years. The Denver daughters are very wet, have tremendous rear udders and are extremely stylish and clean boned. His daughters continue to produce multiple lactations, appear at the top of milking cow classes and calve back each year.

 54BS339 LEGACY- Each year show enthusiasts look for the “new” show cow maker and each year there has been none better then Legacy. He is the breed leader for All-American Nominations for both heifers and in milking form for the past 4 years. Legacy daughters are tall, strong with width from chest to pins. His rear udders are high and wide and uniform from top to bottom. He adds strength to pasterns and will straighten feet & legs. He is a great option to make your next blue ribbon winner.

 New Bulls making noise…

54BS436 TOTAL (Legacy x Sunnyisle Colby Twilite) - The bull with lots of fan fare now has nearly 30 daughters milking in the U.S. and he has lived up to the hype. His daughters have calved with tremendous udders with 9 out of the first 17 scored VG for Mammary Systems. The udders are very youthful with strong fore udders and high wide rear udders. He also is adding style, dairyness, straightness to toplines, depth and openness of rib and square level rumps. These unmatched qualities are making him the new ideal candidate for all show ring enthusiasts.

54BS447 MOJO (Zoldo Zeus x Olsons Brinks Melody) - The first Mojo daughters are just starting to calve. We have seen a handful milking and a large group will be calving in the coming months. The first few daughters look to have a lot of potential both for production and functional type. They are already out of the gate working hard and milking up to expectations. We are excited to keep seeing more freshen in this summer and through the fall. Mojo is going to add production, components and is a great outcross sired by the popular Zoldo Zeus bull.

 54BS440 DILLINGER (Premium x Arthurst Garbro Dixie) - This bull, with his first daughters fresh, is combining the best traits of both Dam and Sire. Daughters are tall and long-bodied with ample dairyness and style. Udders are well above the hocks and very strong in both fore and rear udder attachments. Teats are correctly placed and they exhibit good udder cleft. So far he is straightening feet and legs from both the side and rear view and are square and level through the rump. On the farm they have been impressive to the eye and standing out among young cows.

Now on the Ground…

54BS467 GOLDWYN (Agenda x Bo Joy Ensign Glee) -            The long awaited Goldwyn daughters are on the ground and looking great. With nearly 200 young calves around the country his popularity is continuing to climb. His daughters are very dairy, stylish with ideal rump structure. The dairymen with daughters are very happy with their heifers and many will be in the show rings this summer and fall.

 54BS462 AUSTIN (Wonderment x Timberline Denmark Angela) - The Austin calves are on the ground and out in the field have easily been standing out in the heifer pens. So far the young calves have combined the best of his pedigree. They are very tall, long bodied and stylish and the oldest Wonderment son sampled is making a name for himself. The feet & legs have been near ideal and they certainly catch the eye! 

Coming Fresh Soon…

The bulls to keep an eye on daughters calving during the summer and through the fall that have some excitement surrounding them are CHOICE, ETLAR, PIERCE, PLURAL, THEORY, SUPERMAN and VALOR.

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