August 14, 2012
New for August...
Fort Atkinson, WI

New Mobility Evaluation

As reported in April, this run has the first ever official evaluations for mobility, or simply how easily daughters of a bull move and stand.  It has replaced ‘Foot and Leg’ in the PPR formula.  While F&L has been useful, it was heading us toward far too straight legs.  Mobility is geared more to the moderate set, good foot and fluid movement we all seek.

We think this is a terrific development.  There are some traits important to every dairyman, whether large or small, free stalls or pasture, and certainly mobility is one.

Genomic Predictor Set now Near 6000 Genotypes

After a long process, genotypes from all countries participating in ‘Intergenomics’ are now pooled, and used in the USDA routine evaluation.  These bull genotypes plus over 600 U.S. cows have boosted reliabilities on young bulls to 60% and above. 

Intergenomics will only be used when a young bull’s genotype is not in the U.S. system.  All future bulls that will be available in the U.S. will first have their genotype entered into the U.S. system, which gives the most accurate result.

Further improvements are just around the corner and more genotypes will continue to improve this revolutionary breeding tool.

Genomic Young Sires...

For the first time, we are also providing you with a list of the top 100 available, or soon to be available, genomic young sires. Check under the PROOFS tab on our menu for this and other useful proof information.

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