August 16, 2012
New Generation Genetics Features Eight Elite GENOMIC GEMS
Fort Atkinson, WI

Following the release of August 2012 bull proofs, New Generation Genetics has designated eight high ranking sires to Genomic Gems.

54BS482 VOELKERS TD CARTER *TM. Carter is the #2 Genomic Young Sire for PPR and is one of the most complete bulls in the breed. Carter is now offered in Preferred Sex Semen to use in the heifer pens. His genomic proof is 207 PPR +1304m +56f +.01% +35p -.03% +4.7 Productive Life +0.6 DPR +523 NM$ +1.0 Type +1.1 Mobility and +1.21 Udder Composite. Carter is now being used as a sire of sons due to his superior proof information and deep pedigree.

54BS487 COZY NOOK J TEMTATION *TM. Temtation is the #6 Genomic Young Sire for PPR and is being used heavily in many countries. Temtation’s genomic proof is +1111m +52f +36p +3.8 Productive Life +0.2 DPR +446 NM$ +1.11 udder Composite and 196 PPR. Temtation is a great choice to improve production and health traits while maintaining strong confirmation.

54BS486 PIT CREW WONDER TANBARK ET *TM. Tanbark’s first daughters are on the ground and are “standing out” on the farm and already in the show ring. Tanbark is offered in Preferred Sex Semen to make the next show winner. His genomic proof is +0.8 Type +0.9 Mobility +1.5 Dairyness +1101m +42f +35p and 136 PPR.

54BS500 MANIS GLENN WHISKEY ET *TM. Whiskey a former Super Sampler is continuing to impress breeders with his outcross pedigree and the chance to use a new elite cow family from Europe. His genomic proof is +836m +31f +30p 111 PPR +0.6 Type and +0.73 Udder Composite. Whiskey makes a great option to use on Wonderment and Vigor bloodlines.

54BS483 HILLTOP ACRES DOMINATOR *TM. Dominator’s first daughters have started to be born and are impressing with their initial size, dairyness and style. Dominator is from a 3rd generation bull mother and offer elite production to improve any herd. Dominator’s genomic proof is +1443m +32f +41p +320 NM$ 180 PPR +2.3 Productive Life +0.6 Type and +0.5 Mobility.

54BS502 BUCKEYE KNOLL TD GIT-R-DONE *TM. Git-R-Done is one of the few sons from the popular TD bull that are available in the breed. Git-R-Done offers an outcross opportunity with tremendous production & health traits and he is offered in Preferred Sex Semen. Git-R-Done’s genomic proof is 161 PPR +405 NM$ +1143m +52f +29p +2.6 Productive Life +0.8 DPR and +0.6 Type.

54BS467 BO JOY AGANDA GOLDWYN *TM. Goldwyn’s first crop daughters have started to calve and he will receive his much anticipated first proof information in December. Goldwyn has been a favorite to create stylish and correct animals and is available in Preferred Sex Semen. Goldwyn’s genomic proof is +0.5 Type +0.62 Udder Composite +0.5 Mobility +34f +21p +3.2 Productive Life +305 NM$ and 124 PPR.

54BS498 HILLTOP ACRES W DURABLE ET *TM. Durable is an elite Wonderment son out of the #3 PPR cow in the breed. Durable will add very high production and type to any herd. Durable’s genomic proof is +781m +37f +30p +2.0 Productive Life +1.0 Type +1.3 Mobility +305 NM$ and 154 PPR.

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