December 4, 2012
Bull News for December
Fort Atkinson, WI

Another great Run in December as our bulls strengthen their proofs and climb up the charts!

54BS374 VIGOR continues to lead the way adding over 1,000 daughters into his proof and being the most consistent bull on the market. Breed Leading health traits, high DPR, strong production, low SCS and tremendous udders continue to show through in his offspring making him one of the best bulls of his time.

54BS438 BROOKINGS continues to be one of the best bulls in the breed with his leading components, milking speed, type and udder composite. The first Brookings sons are now being sampled to capitalize on his elite genetics.

54BS437 TORCH continues to assert himself in the category of "best bulls in the breed" He is a breed leader for DPR Component pounds & percents and Productive Life. Torch also is underrated for type and udders as he continues to have daughters with very well attached udders that only get better with age.

Outcross Opportunities...

54BS453 CARL
tripled the number of daughters from his first proof and solidified his ranking. His daughters have tremendous production and component numbers and functional type with a great uddder composite. Being an Etvei son he is open to use in any herd.

196BS16092 NELGOR now offered from NGG in the US saw his proof continue to rise in his strong areas of milk and udder composite. Now a breed leader for production we continue to see his numbers reflect the outstanding ones he has in Switzerland.

Diverse Genomic Young Sires to fit ALL needs...

54BS509 CADENCE (Brookings x Wonderment)
- New SUPER SAMPLER and a bull for everyone as he will rank at the top for PPR because of his outstanding traits across his entire genomic proof.

54BS513 JACKSON (Alibaba x TD) ranks near the top for both PPR, NM$ and milk and offers a unique combination of two of the best health trait bulls of their time.

54BS511 DESI (Brookings x Denver) new Brookings son from a brand new cow family and a pedigree backed by two of the highest genomic milk cows in the breed. He offers elite production and breed leading type.

54BS515 PLATINUM (Driver x Galaxy) debuts out of the #1 NM$ bull Driver and is one of the best genomic bulls for DPR. He combines a strong family back to the "P"'s and is also high for milk.

54BS512 MADDEN (Torch x Vigor) the first Torch son comes out and is one of the highest udder composite bulls in the breed.

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