May 4, 2015
April 2015 Sire Summary
Fort Atkinson, WI

After the April 2015 Sire Summary New Generation Genetics stands alone with THE BEST BULLS in the breed! 

The New Generation...

54BS482 Carter (TD X Wonderment X Migel)  received his full type proof and emerged as the #1 proven bull for type!  Additionally, he improved by 150 pounds of milk, making him one of the elite bulls in the breed.  His daughters are tall, long and angular, with shallow well attached udders.

54BS493 Vitalis (Driver X TD X Jetway) premiers as the #2 proven bull for net merit. He is the breed leader for fat % and improves protein, SCS and DPR as well.  In short, they are efficient and profitable!

The Genomic Generation...

Brothers 54BS544 Dario (Payslli X Alibaba X Jolt) and 54BS543 Dane (Cadence X Alibaba X Jolt) are graduates of our Genomic Discovery program, and both rank in the top 15 and offer maximum production with strong health traits.

54BS509 Cadence (Brookings X Wonderment X Pronto) is one of the breeds most popular young bulls because of his extremely balanced genomic profile, delivering on all fronts.  Plus his early daughters are herd favorites.

54BS535 Brady (Jackson X Wonderment X Pronto) hails from same family as Cadence, and offers the rare combination of top of the charts milk production along with a top 10 Productive Life figure!  Also, he will now be available in 'Preferred Sex', along with his line-up mates Cadence and Jackson.

The Champions Collection…

54BS548 Winning Formula (Jongleur x Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy) debuts as the newest entry into the elite Champions Collection sire group. He is over +1.00 UDC and is from one of the hottest cows in the world!

And, not to be left out, 54BS539 Richard (Nemo X Ensign X Banker) remains the #1 bull for type along with solid milk and health traits...not to mention and extra special cow family!

The Proven Generation...

54BS374 Vigor continues his reign as one of the breeds great bulls of the last couple decades.  Now well over 16,000 daughters world-wide, he continues to make happy owners around the globe.

54BS438 Brookings nearly double his daughter count and continues to deliver a balance of type and production, especially for components, along with elite health traits.

54BS437 Torch has many breeders commenting "we like them as much as anything we are milking".  The reason is they are trouble free cows that milk, test and breed back easily.

54BS462 Austin improved his elite type score, and now ranks #2 for proven bulls behind his stable mate Carter.

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