April 7, 2016
NGG Bulls Cream of the Crop
Fort Atkinson, WI

Following the release of the April 2016 genetic evaluations bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR.

54BS482 CARTER continues to shine as the #1 proven bull for Type!  Carter keeps adding daughters and reliability to his lofty proof and is now +1.02 UDC and +869 milk. He is the rare combination of #1 Ttype & elite milk that the breed has been waiting year for! 

54BS509 CADENCE graduates into the proven line-up matching his early genomic predictions. Cadence combines everything dairymen need to make money in the milk string at +562 milk and with their show halters at +0.7 type!

54BS511 DESI from the popular "D" family at Switzer Tals Farm enters the line-up with loads of milk +714 and over +60 combined components. Desi is the bull to take your herd profits to the next level!

54BS438 BROOKINGS continues to show why sometimes the newest toy is not always the best as now well over 6 years after his release he added 1,000 daughters and his proof went up again! Up 20 PPR and $65 NM$: Incredible!

54BS 500 WHISKEY continues to be one of our favorite bulls in the breed! His proof as expected keeps increasing for milk as he is up over +700m and also up for type to +0.6. Whiskey added daughters and now with 43 scored he has 20 scored VG with 22 VG Udders.

54BS492 DOUBLE DARE saw his proof continue in the upward direction as he is now over +100m while adding daughters and maintaining his high type rating at +0.8 type. Double Dare is one of the farmers favorites as he makes the productive kind and the fancy kind.

54BS557 GET LUCKY is "THE GENEOMIC GEM" of the entire breed with his leading G-PPR at 230, only genomic bull over +2,000 milk and #1 G-fat & G-protein. Complimented by his great type he is a bull that everyone MUST USE! 

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