August 11, 2017
NGG Bulls Best in the Business
Fort Atkinson, WI

Following the release of the August 2017 genetics NGG bulls are leading the way for PPR, Milk, Fat, Protein, Health Traits, Type, Udders, NM$ & the best genomic bulls in the breed!

-NGG currently offers 3 of the 5 top proven bulls for PPR

- 4 of the 5 top NM$

- 3 of the top 7 G-Type bulls

- 3 of the top 5 active proven Udder Composite bulls

- 5 of the top 10 G-PPR bulls

- 2 of the top 3 proven milk bulls

- 3 of the top 5 proven fat bulls

- 2 of the top 5 proven protein bulls

- 3 of the top 4 G-Protein bulls, 3 of the top 5 G-Fat bulls, top 2 G-Milk bulls


54BS509 CADENCE- what more can be said as this bull continues his dominance as the #1 Proven PPR bull! He also ranks in the top 5 for Type, NM$, Protein, Udder Composite and Milk. Cadence added more daughters and saw his milk proof rise to no over +1300 with 55 fat and 48 protein. His Type held steady at +1.1 with a +1.37 Udder Composite. Cadence's influence can be seen as 3 of the top 6 G-PPR bulls have Cadence Dams. He also has sons all over the G-PPR lists and heifers in the genomic heifer list showing his true influence across the breed.

54BS482 CARTER- Remains the #1 proven Type bull and by adding more daughters continues to hold at +1.5 Type with a +1.23 UDC. Carter again went up for milk and is truly showing what he daughters can do as he is now +1116 milk! Carter is making show winners, sale toppers, high genomic females and big time milk cows with high scores and honestly we may have yet to see his best daughters fresh so be on the lookout!


54BS526 DAVENPORT Graduates into the proven line-up as the #1 DPR bull in the breed with high type and very consistent daughters. Davenport's first proof has him +1.1 Type and +1.28 UDC. He is +2.3 DPR and with 22 daughters in his proof will look to keep improving next run. He is +493 milk, +3.6 PL and is making some of the most consistent cows on any farm!

54BS518 Double Delux graduates into the proven lineup as an outcross with a sire stack of Vasir x TD x Vance. He is proving to have consistently profitable daughters that will meet your satisfaction with a high type of +.09. He comes in at +596 M with a +44 +.09% fat and a +21 +.00% protein and his dam has two records over 35,000lbs. of milk.

54BS528 Dalhart graduates into the proven lineup as another outcross with a sire stack of Temtation x Puzzle x Denver. He has outstanding health traits with SCS 2.80 and a low calving ease at 3.9%. Dalhart hails from a pedigree loaded with milk as his dam has two records over 35,000lbs. of milk and his granddam has a lifetime production of over 235,000lbs.


54BS492 Double Dare offers a very balanced proof for type, udders and components.  He is +0.9 Type and +0.93 UDC and +.09 % fat +.06% protein.  He also offers out-cross opportunity as he has no Vigor, Wonderment, Brookings or Pronto. He has proven to have consistent daughters that are farm favorites!

54BD516 DEWEY & 54BS517 TONKA continue to rank high as the respective #3 & #5 PPR bulls and both top 5 for NM$ too. Dewey is highlighted being +51 fat, +1.5 DPR and $399 NM$. Tonka continues to impress and is +44 fat, +3.8 PL and $393 NM$.

54BS558 Daredevil is the bull every breeder has been waiting on as he is one of the first bulls to blend both worlds of index and type breeders. Daredevil is tied for the #2 G-Type at a staggering +1.5 and is the #3 G-Udder Comp. bull at +1.67. Daredevil ranks in the top 25 G-PPR at 157. Daredevil is a Brady son out of Hilltop Acres Bose Dixiland scored VG 88 EX 90 MS at 2 years old and behind him in an EX Glenn x EX Vigor. He is a bull that every breeder will want to add to their herd and a bull that genomics was meant help us create!

54BS564 Hampton is #6 G-PPR active bull in the breed at 213 and hails from a new Cadence bull mother! Hampton is also the #5 G-NM$ genomic bull. His Dam is the #8 PPR cow and genomic tested Jo-Lane Cadence Hilary recently scored VG 87 EX 90MS @ 2 YRS out of an VG 88 Vigor with records over 38,000 for milk. Hampton is also a good bull for type at +0.8 type and +1.10 Udder Comp. Hampton is a great option to make your next genomic star, profitable cow or eye pleasing daughter!

54BS557 Get Lucky is still the #1 bull for milk and protein plus the #2 fat and #5 PPR. His popularity only continues to grow and he ranks at a staggering 213 G-PPR and blows away the others at +1970 milk!  He also is the highest bull in the breed available in Preferred Sex semen!

54BS555 Car NP remains the deepest pedigreed choice in polled genetics.  From Carter's fabulous Brookings sister, he is sired by the Friedens Parade NP. He ranks near the top for polled bulls for milk, fat, protein and udder composite. 

54BS538 Richard is tied for the #3 spot for G-Type at +1.3. His UDC ranks at the top at +1.34 which is very evident as the first daughters are calving with “WOW” udders. He remains one of our most popular bulls and is making the right kind.

54BS568 Fast & Furious is a start your engines kind of bull. He is hitting the market with a bang. Out of the first EX 97 and two -time grand champion at World Dairy Expo Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy, Fast & Furious is sure to get your engines going. He is ready to make show winners with a +1.1 Type and a +1.39 UDC.


54BS575 TENASCIOUS is the new G-PPR leader and will continue to go up with the new PPR Formula in December. He has breed-leading DPR at +2.8, longevity at PL +7.6, SCS 2.60 and a high udder composite at +1.18. He is an ANIBAL son from a V 87 V 88 MS 2 Year old, Cozy Nook Psli Treacherous ET.

54BS572 CASHMERE is a new high-type ANIBAL son at +1.2 from the Brookings Cara and CARTER’s Family.  With a UDC +1.31 and PL +4.0, he is breed leading with endless opportunities.

54BS571 ALL-IN is an ANIBAL x BROOKINGS x WONDERMENT and is the only ANIBAL from one of the HOTTEST cow’s for high G-PPR Offspring. She is R Hart Brookings Atlanta 2E 91 E 93 MS. ALL-IN offers high type at +1.1, high udder composite +1.12 and longevity.

54BS574 PROSPER is the #1 G-SCS bull with a 2.41 and is the #2 G-PL bull at +6.1. He is a FACT son from a new bull bother with a loaded pedigree and sky high milk. At +1148 milk, PROSPER will add milk to your tank.

54BS561 JESSE is an exciting outcross from a proven cow family with high UDC at +1.00 and high type at +0.8. His dam, Hilltop Acres TD Jess ET 2E 90 E 90 MS has multiple records over 30,000lbs. of milk and a lifetime record over 150,000lbs. 



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