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As Strong as Ever!

54BS509 CADENCE once again proves he is the bull that can do it all.  With elite production (+1347 milk +52 fat +46 protein) he also delivers high type (+1.1), high udder composite and positive health traits.  His daughters are impressing around the globe!

54BS539 RICHARD is the Champions Collection bull that also delivers in the milking parlor!  He is now +1151 for milk and +3.0 for productive life.  It is rewarding to see his showring success last summer and fall, and even more rewarding to field the many positive comments about this rare bull.

The other Champions Collection Super Star 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA is now +251 milk...that is a 500 pound improvement in a short 8 months!  Watch for more in the future from this popular son of multiple International Show champion Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy.

And speaking of type AND production 54BS482 CARTER captured the Premier Sire of the International Brown Swiss heifer show, remains the #1 proven type bull while boasting a whopping +1200 for milk!

Much overlooked maternal brothers 54BS543 DANE and 54BS544 DARIO each had positive runs.   Dario now ranks as the #2 proven active bull for PPR, while Dane ranks 5th.  Both deliver outstanding production with high health traits.

And newly proven 54BS536 DELPHI has graduated to the active proven ranks with +832 milk positive fat and protein and +3.1 productive life.  His daughter have been consistent with well attached shallow udders, and wide front ends with ample dairy quality.  He is also a different pedigree being a Desi X Driver, with no Vigor, Wonderment or Glenn blood.

On the Genomic Gem front 54BS577 SILVER has risen to the #2 PPR slot with 207 points.  He combines high milk (+1298)  with high components and an impressive +1.30 udder composite. 

54BS587 ALLBRIGHT is the 1st Hampton son available and ranks in the top 10 PPR with 175 points and +1547 milk.  From an Excellent uddered Jackson straight out of Get Lucky's dam, Lady Lust!

54BS583 DOBOY has ascended to the top of the Type list at +1.6, tying him for #1!  Not to mention his +1317 milk.