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New Generation Genetics Celebrates 25 Years!

Date:  January 12, 1994

The company New Generation Genetics was awarded incorporation papers from the state of Wisconsin!

Wow!  That is 25 years and counting.  I marvel when I think of that first day.  It was about -10 F, so the commute from my up-stairs to my basement office gave me a sense of making the right choice.  I sat down to a computer I barely knew how to operate, and in fact was not sure if it was needed!  I checked to make sure the fax line worked as that was the life-line of business at that time.  Not long later, we added an email!  Like most at the time, I thought how would allow anyone to communicate with us?  Plus, it meant occupying the fax line while the dial up screeched and spit to slowly down load a 75 word message.  Not until I received a significant international order by email did I say, "hmmm, probably need to keep this, some people will use it".

There are lots of interesting stories on which bulls we acquired, or more how we acquired them.  We always believed that a potential bull mother had to have a deep maternal line, high production and reasonably high index.  We took some chances that worked out nicely, and some, not so much.  But in the end, it was rewarding seeing the successes of our genetics around the world. 

Of course, then came sexed semen, and...genomics.  I am proud of the progressive stance we have taken with both.  Our Genomic Discovery program has resulted in numerous new cow families and opportunities, and is now the core of our program.  Our Preferred Sex is now powered by the Intelligen process which is producing exceptional results and allowing breeders world-wide to utilize our best genetics in Preferred Sex.

That is only a glimpse of change and revolution this company and its owners have witnessed.  But the one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to the Brown Swiss breed and our customers.  Temptations to 'branch out' to other breeds have been considered.  But in the end, that is not what NGG does.  We do Brown Swiss and we care about Brown Swiss breeders.  That is why, after 25 years, we re-dedicate ourselves to the betterment of the breed, and the success of our valued customers.

Any questions, 'give us a call, and we will talk cows'!