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April 10, 2023

NGG is the Breed Leader

April 2023 Sire Summaries were very exciting at NGG: 

This week’s Genomic Highlights!
April 2023 Sire Summaries have New Generation bulls at the top of lists all over the world!  For example, the Top 3 Genomic PPR bulls call NGG home

Leading off 54BS00618 Perry Brook P Crazy Horse is the highest young bull ever sampled in the world for PPR at 237 PPR.   Crazy Horse is a very balanced bull he combines phenomenal production traits with excellent health traits.  Crazy Horse is our number one bull for combined fat and protein production and he does this with an excellent DPR of 1.5.  The Dam of Crazy Horse Perry Brook Lucky India VG 87 VG 88 MS is a prolific cow who has already placed 3 sons at NGG.  Her second son 54BS00620 Perry Brook Pact ELAN is our second highest bull for PPR.  Following the same pattern set by Crazy Horse, Elan exceeds his brother in Fitness having a higher PL (4.8) and a higher DPR (1.9) while still translating excellent production traits with high component percents.  Mentioned before India is very prolific, she is the #1 PPR cow in the breed and is the dam of both the #1 Heifer and #1 Bull in the breed.  This a remarkable accomplishment for new cow family that will be contributing to the success of the breed for years to come.
Our Third Highest PPR is Hilltop Acres PC Titos 54BS621.  Tito’s is a production specialist sliding just behind Crazy Horse as our number 2 improver for Combined Fat and Protein.  Tito’s hails from Hilltop Majeste Teresa the number 2 PPR cow in the breed.  Tito’s is a much-needed component improver, especially producing high % cows and should be a strong option for those looking to crossbreed.   
54BS619 Nashville continues to see much needed use.  Nashville’s pattern will follow very closely to his Dam Hilltop Acres Nutella.  They will be strong commercial cows that aren’t big but have excellent components with improved fertility.  Nashville is also our most consistent conception bull, we see him well above average in making cows pregnant.  Nashville and his paternal brother 54BS00616 Perfection are both available now in preferred sexed semen. 
Our final Genomic highlight comes from Type improver 54BS00609 Timeout.  Timeout daughters are starting to gain notoriety in the show ring with several heifers doing well at spring shows.  As Diego’s best son, Timeout follows in the footsteps showing elite udder composite with a stylish pattern that makes them ultra-successful in the show ring.  Timeout also represents a new family for the high type.
This weeks Proven Highlights!

Leading the way is 54BS585 CLIFF who continues to improve at +1.2 Type +1.11 Udder Composite.  He continues to be the #1 proven type sire.  Cliff daughters stick out on farms in the US and Switzerland for there style and balance combined with an excellent udder. 

54BS583 DOBOY continues to create quite a stir. Doboy again went up on type too +1.1.  He sires a beautiful open frame, with exceptional udders.  He excels in rear udder height and width and added almost .4 to his UDC proof making him one of the top proven udder sires

All Arounders..
Who doesn’t like the balanced trouble free cow that lasts and lasts?  NGG offers these as well.
54BS586 KADE *NP, 54BS577 SILVER, 54BS571 ALL-IN and are bulls that define balance.  If you are looking for bulls which improve udders, components, fertility and will last and last, consider these 4!

Give us a call, or drop us a mail, and WE WILL TALK COWS!  920-568-0554, Brett cell: 608-514-2783 or email

June 29, 2020

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