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December 7, 2023

NGG is the Breed Leader

NGG Sire Summary – December 2023 Update
Dear Friends of New Generation Genetics,
We are thrilled to share the latest updates from New Generation Genetics (NGG) in our ongoing pursuit of excellence in the Brown Swiss breeding industry. The December 2023 Sire Summary brought exciting developments, solidifying NGG's position at the
forefront of global rankings. 

At New Generation Genetics, we take pride in offering our customers access to the eight best
US bred PPR bulls in the Brown Swiss breed. Leading the pack is the remarkable Crazy Horse (54BS619), standing tall as the #1 bull for PPR and showcasing
unparalleled excellence in production traits. His outstanding genetic profile has made a significant impact on the industry. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of this extraordinary bull. Despite this loss, we remain committed to supporting breeders by
continuing to offer Crazy Horse's semen until his inventory is exhausted. Embrace the legacy
of this exceptional bull and elevate your herd's genetics with the best PPR sire in the industry.  Below are some additional highlights.

Proven Highlights:
54BS583 DOBOY: Renowned as our best international seller, Doboy stands out as a leader in
high milk production combined with exceptional udders. With an impressive +1.1 in
type, Doboy consistently sires offspring that embody a beautiful open frame and excel in rear udder height and width. His international appeal is a testament to the universal recognition of his genetic prowess.

54BS585 CLIFF: Continuing his reign as the #1 proven type sire. His offspring consistently perform well, showcasing a perfect blend style, balance, and excellent udders. Cliff's
influence extends globally, making him a sought-after choice for breeders who aspire to
elevate the quality of their herds.

54BS590 CATAPULT: As the #1 PPR proven sire, Catapult takes the lead with a solid production and health profile. Catapult is a reliable choice for breeders seeking a bull that excels in both production and health traits.
All Arounders:
54BS580 PHANTOM, 54BS577 SILVER, 54BS571 ALL-IN: Bulls that define balance, offering trouble-free cows that excel in udders, components, fertility, and longevity.
New Genomic Gems:
54BS625 Prince- Prince combines excellent confirmation traits with a tremendous proof
that’s extreme for % components.  Prince is a leader for us in % Fat and Protein improvement while making excellent udders.  He comes from the Hilltop Acres Princess cow that also gave
us 54BS616 Perfection

54BS620 Elan- Crazy Horse full brother combines tremendous production with excellent
health traits.  At 215 Elan is our third highest PPR bull.  He’s a bull that will sire long lasting problem free cows.

54BS628 Top Notch-  Top Notch comes to us with a unique pedigree,  a son of our ever
popular 54BS611 Design,  Top Notch is an excellent sire for production at +900 milk and has positive components with more than 100 lbs of CFP. Top Notch also has exceptional type

54BS627 Vampire-  Is an outcross sire that excels in component production.  He also has excellent udder composite and comes from Cher-Mi Majeste Jenny EX90
For more detailed information, visit NGG Website or contact us directly at 920-568-0554 or Let's talk cows!
Thank you for your continued support and partnership in advancing Brown Swiss genetics.
Brett Haines
New Generation Genetics



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