Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best Brown Swiss genetics in the industry.

Our Priorities Are:

What does this mean for you in terms of the elite genetics that we offer to you? Consider this......

  1. We are a Brown Swiss only company, giving us the advantage over our competitors as Brett Haines, Scott Schugel and Jake Hushon have over 50 years of Brown Swiss A.I. experience combined.
  2. Currently we offer top bulls for Milk, Type, Net Merit, Sire Conception Rate (SCR), Fat, Protein, and PPR Index.
  3. We currently sample only the top genomic bulls and continue to lead the breed by sampling 12 young bulls per year.
  4. We also offer Elite genomic sires in waiting with only the best evaluations for Production, Herd Life and Type.
  5. We also offer the most complete production & type line-up in Preferred Sex Semen, Powered by Intelligen.

Other factors that make New Generation Genetics truly your greatest source for Brown Swiss genetics......

  1. We offer shipping straight to your door on all U.S. orders. Orders of 30 units or more will incur only a 20$ shipping and handling fee. Our bulls qualify for export world-wide.
  2. Customer Service is of the utmost importance and we are always ready to assist customers with any question or concern they might have.
  3. We offer an extensive inventory of Brown Swiss embryos which are from some of the top cow families in the breed and for less than embryos can be purchased at consignment sales.
  4. We strive to inform our customers and breed enthusiasts with as much information and news as possible. These include our web site, our company Facebook page, company newsletter and broadcast email.
  5. We try to be present at as many Brown Swiss sales & shows as we can to interact and communicate with all breeders.

Now you can see why New Generation Genetics is truly the best for Brown Swiss. Call or email us today to take advantage of all we have to offer or to just talk cows!


Brett Haines