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Duo of Distinguished Bulls to Enter NGG Proven Lineup Alongside Two New Genomic Releases - August 2021 Proof Week

Following the August 2021 proofs, New Generation Genetics continues to offer the most diverse and elite offering of Brown Swiss sires. In our upcoming catalog, we will present two new and exciting young sires in our genomic lineup, along with a duo of distinguished proven line-up additions – 54BS577 SILVER AND 54BS574 PROSPER.
54BS577 La Rainbow Sweet SILVER
Kannon x Cadence x Durham
SILVER daughters are calving in and making a bold statement across the U.S. and Europe. He is a great bull to use on any cow that needs udder improvement at +0.77UDC. SILVER is incredibly consistent, and we expect to see very high udder scores among the 66 young cows currently in his proof. His daughters are milking well and should stand the test of time with +684M and +2.1PL. SILVER is available in Preferred Sex semen.
54BS574 Triangle Acres Fact PROSPER
Fact x Brookings x Vigor
PROSPER enters our proven lineup with an incredible set of health, fertility, and production traits. He combines +4.6PL, +1.7LIV with +2.0DPR, and has an incredibly low somatic cell score at 2.48SCS. His low somatic cell score blends perfectly with +806M, +20F, and +27P. PROSPER’s moderately sized daughters milk with ease at 104 Milking Speed.
54BS571 R Hart Atlantas ALL-IN
Anibal x Brookings x Wonderment
ALL-IN continues to check all the boxes for Brown Swiss breeders. His low calving ease and +1.2DPR make him a sensible choice for any dairy. His daughters have very functional type, have few problems with breeding and calving, and compete well within their herds. All-In is Kappa Casein BB and A2A2 with $339NM, +2.6PL and +1.2LIV.
54BS573 Kulp-Terra LUCKY CARL
Get Lucky x Cartel x Brookings
LUCKY CARL continues his run as one of the top production bulls in the world at over +1800M, +61F, and +45P alongside his sire, GET LUCKY. LUCKY CARL’s daughters have now entered our lineup as bull mothers and his production traits shine through within pedigrees. He is now available in Preferred Sex semen.
Elmstar x Lucky Carl x Archer
A new release for October 2021 – DESIGN showcases qualities that every Brown Swiss breeder can admire through his +164PPR, +439NM$, +0.7T, +1.18UDC AND over +1000M. He is positive for fat and protein percentages at +46F and +40P. To top it all off, he is also +1.4DPR. We’re eagerly awaiting DESIGN’s release and expect that you will be too!
54BS609 Jennings Gap TIME OUT
Diego x Watchout x Carter
New Release! TIME OUT enters our lineup as the #1 genomic type bull in the breed at +1.0T and +1.53UDC. He will create beautiful daughters without loss of production at +633M, 15F and +20P. His sire, the increasingly popular 54BS596 DIEGO, is creating beautifully framed heifers that will make an appearance at fall shows. With TIME OUT’s sire stack, there’s incredible opportunity – don’t miss out on your chance to create the next great one with this extremely well-crafted bull!
54BS608 Trout Hilltop JORDY *NP
Victor P x Driver x Andy NP
JORDY’s August proof has ensured that he will continue to be a hot commodity among breeders with his incredibly well-rounded performance numbers and polled transmitting abilities. He maintains +194PPR and +425NM$ along with +1.19UDC and +0.5T and is now available in Preferred Sex semen. In addition, he is low calving ease at 2.5%, and displays +0.9DPR, +1.8PL, and +0.5LIV.
54BS586 Double W KADE *NP
Jay P (D) x H Thunder x Faust
KADE *NP daughters have started to calve, and we are incredibly pleased with the results! His daughters have wowed us with their outstanding udders, and his health and fertility traits are a great bonus. KADE *NP has consistently maintained a spot at the top of the charts for polled DPR, PL, LIV, and NM$, and he currently boasts an impressive +2.3DPR, +2.9PL, +1.0LIV, and +324NM$.
54BS583 Switzer Tals Drdvl DOBOY
Daredevil x Cadence x Alibaba
DOBOY is following in the footsteps of his sire, Daredevil by creating incredibly well-uddered young cows. At +0.85UDC and +0.8T, these young cows have exceptional rear udder attachments with deep creases, and terrific bloom to the rear quarters. With only 16 daughters in his current proof, we look forward to reviewing him again in December.