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List Leaders! August 2022 Proofs

List Leaders!
August 2022 Sire Summaries have New Generation bulls at the top of the lists!  For example, the Top 3 Proven bulls for Type call NGG home.

Leading the way is 54BS585 CLIFF who improved to +1.1 Type +.97 Udder Composite.  This is no surprise based on the stylish great udder cows to be found around the country and in Switzerland.

Next is 54BS583 DOBOY who is creating quite a stir.  At a strong +1.0 Type, he sires the tall open framed kind, with exceptional udders.  He excels in rear udder height and width.  He also added 100 pounds to his milk proof!

Third on the list is the developing star 54BS578 DEFENDER.  A Daredevil X Biver X Supreme he is cementing on udders as his pedigree would suggest.

All Arounders..
Who doesn’t like the balanced trouble free cow that lasts and lasts?  NGG offers these as well.
54BS580 PHANTOM, 54BS577 SILVER, 54BS571 ALL-IN and 54BS564 HAMPTON are bulls that define balance.  If you are looking for bulls which improve udders, components, fertility and will last and last, consider these 4!

New Genomic Gems!
Bursting onto the scene is 54BS616 PERFECTION.  Aptly named as he has a perfect profile!  If you are looking for a bull which can be used across the board, look no further!  He is an elite 600 Net Merit, positive fat and protein percent, +4.6 Productive Life and and impressive +1.33 udder composite.

Another any to use bulls is 54BS617 TOP GUN.  He delivers a breed leading +3.4 DPR and +5.4 Productive Life, not to mention +1.01 Udder Composite.  As a Jonmar X Fact X Whiskey he is out cross to most blood lines.  To TOP it off he traces back to one of the breed’s favorite, Timberline Jetway Tony.  He is now available in Preferred Sex.

Brothers 54BS611 DESIGN and 54BS612 DERRINGER offer a brand-new cow family.  They both add loads of production, positive components, and solid health traits.  Both available in Preferred Sex.

Looking for polled?  54BS608 JORDY NP is the most complete Polled bull available.  He offers good production with strongly positive fat and protein percent, and nearly a point of Udder Composite.  He too is available in Preferred Sex.

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