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World Dairy Expo - International Brown Swiss Show NGG Recap

International Brown Swiss Show 2022 Recap
As many are eagerly awaiting the results of the 2022 All-American contest, we would like to take time to congratulate the breeders and exhibitors of the excellent cattle exhibited at World Dairy Expo. New Generation Genetics’ bulls sired at least 2 animals within the top 10 of each class at the International Brown Swiss Show this year.
Thank you, breeders, for your continued use of New Generation Genetics and support of our Champions Collections sires. Bulls like Richard, Rasta, Winning Formula, Fast & Furious, Winrite, and more are the base of our successful showring sires. These sires feature dams that have multiple years of All-American contest success.
Who will be the dam of the next Champions Collection sire? She may be included within the list below! We look forward to adding to our Champions Collection lineup in the future and continuing to offer bulls that sire top placings on the colored shavings.
Number of Daughters within the Top 10 by Bull - International Brown Swiss Show 2022
(13) Carter
(7) Rasta
(6) Daredevil
(6) Total
(5) Richard
(4) Diego
(4) Winning Formula
(3) Bonanza
(2) Cliff
(2) Doboy
(2) Toby
(1) Fast & Furious
(1) Juke
(1) Kade
(1) Legacy
(1) Liberate
(1) VB Phantom
(1) Winrite

Below are the individual class winners and owners of NGG sired top 10 animals:
Spring Calves
1. Pit-Crew Rasta Tricky (Rasta), Leased by Beau Trapp and Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics
5. Silver Royal J Favorite (Juke), Owned by Eli Stuadinger
8. Willowbranch Rasta Freedom (Rasta), Owned by Elisabeth & Elise Regusci

Pit-Crew Rasta Tricky
Winter Calves
4. Twinkle-Hill Amberlei-ETV (Toby), Owned by Jeannie M Winkelman
6. Pit-Crew Daredevil Khloe (Daredevil), Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics
Fall Calves
4. Jenlar Rasta Wissota-ETV (Rasta), Owned by Brianna Meyer
6. Red Brae Richard Fabulous (Richard), Owned by Elise & Brady Bleck
8. Jenlar Rasta Wyoming-ETV (Rasta), Owned by Billie Jo Rhodes
9. Brook Hollow Caramel Apple (Carter), Owned by Delbert & Heather Yoder, Deb & Dan McKenzie
10. C & A Doboy Razzle-ET (Doboy), Owned by Ashley Swenson
Summer Yearlings
1. Random Luck Total Perfection (Total), Owned by Jacob Harbaugh & Matthew Thompson*
*Junior Champion of the Open & Junior Show
6. Brook Hollow Total Hottie-ET (Total), Owned by Delbert & Heather Yoder
7. Red Brae Phantom Lefty C (Phantom), Owned by Calli Storms
Spring Yearling
1. Pit-Crew Daredevil Kyla-ET, Leased by Allison Foss & Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics*
*Reserve Junior Champion
3. Acclaimed Rasta Incense-ETV (Rasta), Owned by Daniel, Nevaeh, Emmet & Tye Chupp
6. Brook Hollow Total Please Me (Total), Owned by Delbert & Heather Yoder
7. GM2 Diego Silverado (Diego), Owned by Louis & Garen Oliveira
8. Jenlar Diego Waterfall-ETV (Diego), Owned by Sunshine Associates, LLC
10. Top Acres Lega Wizee (Legacy), Owned by Bailey Groves

Pit-Crew Daredevil Kyla-ET
Winter Yearling
4. RMD-Dotterer W Taylor-ET (Winrite), Owned by Main, Manion, and D & B Thompson
6. Jenlar Carter Wildfire-ETV (Carter), Owned by Brianna, Austin & Abby Meyer
7. Jenlar MKE Wins in Six-ETV (Rasta), Owned by Josh & Casey Hushon
8. Jennings Gap WF Harmonie (Winning Formula), Owned by Billie Jo Rhodes
Fall Yearling
1. Pit-Crew Diego Kashmere-ET (Diego), Leased by Abby Foss & Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics*
*Honorable Mention Junior Champion of the Junior Show
4. Kruses Carter Jive-ETV (Carter), Owned by Peter Vail
8. Acclaimed C Daenerys-ETV (Carter), Owned by Kassidy, Ashlynn, Delaney, & Ryleigh Oliger
9. Blessing Garbo Diego Paula (Diego), Owned by Caylee James
10. Random Luck Carter Present (Carter), Leased by Kelsey Erf & Owned by Fjel-Mar Dairy

Pit-Crew Diego Kashmere-ET
Milking Yearling
1. Edge View D Waverly-ETV (Daredevil), Owned by Don Graft & Family
2. Ritchie View Dare Bel Jingles (Daredevil), Owned by Mountain View Meadows Brown Swiss
3. DaveCo Richard Florence (Richard), Owned by Jillian & Taylor Bonow
4. Top Acres Carter Worthy-ETV (Carter), Owned by Elizabeth Byers-Doten

Ritchie View Dare Bel Jingles
Summer Junior 2-Year-Old
5. Hilltop Acres R Willa-ETV (Rasta), Owned by Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion
7. Bo Shana Doboy Hermione (Doboy), Owned by Ken Main and Amelia Somers

Hilltop Acres R Willa-ETV
Junior 2-Year-Old
4. Hills Valley Carter Viola (Carter), Owned by Hills Valley Farm, LLC
8. Pit-Crew Toby Tora (Toby), Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics
9. Iroquois Acres Cliff Dreamer (Cliff), Owned by Iroquois Acres

Hills Valley Carter Viola

Senior 2-Year-Old
2. Twin Hollow Daredevil Blue (Daredevil), Owned by Ken Main
3. Hills Valley Carter Flirty-ET (Carter), Owned by Peter Vail
4. Terra Rose Cliff Shasta (Cliff), Owned by Adele Biasini*
*Reserve Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show
5. Hilltop Acres DD Jade (Daredevil), Owned by Brayton, Ryland & Camdyn Nierman
8. Brook Hollow Christmas Present (Carter), Owned by Delbert & Heather Yoder
Junior 3-Year-Old
5. Arthurst Kade Panda P (Kade), Owned by Bridget Achterberg
10. Brown Heaven F & F Sea Dally (Fast & Furious), Owned by Brown Heaven
Senior 3-Year-Old
4. Brown Heaven Carter Falby-ET (Carter), Owned by Brown Heaven & Milk Source
6. Seths Carter Petra-ET (Carter), Owned by Seth Nehls
7. Cedar Way Win for McKay (Winning Formula), Owned by Lauren L’amoreaux
8. Pit-Crew Rich Peaches-Twin (Richard), Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics
1. Johann Carter Dartmouth (Carter), Owned by Brayton, Ryland & Camdyn Nierman*
*Honorable Mention Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show
3. Double Star DD Clare (Daredevil), Owned by Double W Farm, Knapp Genetics & John Billings
8. Double W Richard Baltimore (Richard), Owned by Fairdale Farm, LLC
9. Gibraltar Liberate Taylor (Liberate), Owned by Melinda Waddell & Jessica Whitaker
10. Pit-Crew Formula Tricks (Winning Formula), Owned by Pit-Crew Genetics

Johann Carter Dartmouth
2. Pit-Crew WF Twilite-ET (Winning Formula), Owned by Beth Nelson & Aaron Johnson
3.Iroquois Acres Total Candy (Total), Owned by Matthew Pacheco
4.Brown Heaven Carter Tutti (Carter), Owned by Brian Pacheco
Aged Cow
4.Triangle Acres Pandora-ET (Richard), Owned by Rebecca Korth
6.Random Luck Oh-My Tipsy-ET (Bonanza), Owned by Richard Thompson

Triangle Acres Pandora-ET
Component Merit
1.Random Luck B Tea Rose (Bonanza), Owned by Matthew & Allison Thompson*
*Honorable Mention Senior Champion | Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show
2.Fairdale Total Cali-ET (Total), Owned by Emily Goode
5.Bless-Calf Cadenc Snowflake (Cadence), Owned by Brent Caffe
6. Peach Kist Total Tango-ET (Total), Owned by Lindsey Rucks
8.Cutting Edge B Sonny (Bonanza), Owned by Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion

Bless-Calf Cadenc Snowflake
Premier Sire – Ted Krueger Award
It was another banner year for showring favorite, 54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER. Carter is well known for his daughter’s showring success and has received the Ted Krueger Premier Sire award for two consecutive years. Previously, Carter was named Premier Sire of the International Brown Swiss heifer show in 2021, 2019, and 2018.