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New Generation Genetics Bulls Delivering the Goods Following the Genetic Evaluations in April

Following the release of the April 2021 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls completely tore apart the competition in route to claiming the top spot for PPR, G-PPR, releasing the best POLLED bull ever, The leader of Type & All Americans and so much more!

54BS573 LUCKY CARL has graduated from a top Genomic Gem to a daughter proven breed leading sire.  He ranks #1 for fat at +67 along with impressive +1994 milk which places him 2nd behind his sire.  He is also the #2 Protein bull at +48 and he is from Carter’s cow family. He is stamping impressive rear udders and ample dairy strength.

Speaking of Lucky Carl's sire, 54BS557 GET LUCKY is in uncharted territory for milk production!  He has the highest all-time milk proof at +2743 and is back to top the top as the #1 PPR bull of the breed at 159 PPR. Speaking of #1 he is also the #1 proven bull for protein +62 and Net Merit $371. A competitor’s bull is #1 for one thing, that is cute as Get Lucky is #1 for 4 MAJOR Traits.

54BS558 DAREDEVIL is truly the HOTTEST type bull since Carter as he was #2 for All American Nominations and is the #2 Type bull in the breed at +0.8. Do not let that slip in ranking fool you as the bull above him isn’t close to siring the large amount winning animals as Daredevil. He also is the #5 UDC bull which is on the strength of his very high rear udders!

54BS564 HAMPTON cemented his breed leading Productive Life at +6.4 and Somatic Cell Score at 2.68, improved his udder composite and now ranks #2 active proven bull for Net Merit.

54BS571 ALL-IN also graduates hailing from the famous R-Hart farm in Ohio and the Brookings Atlanta cow a multiple bull mother. He is an Anibal son who is making some fantastic older cows all over the world.  He delivers solid production with positive components and is very high for health traits including DPR as at +1.7 he is one of our new “DPR Stars”

Polled Bull Dominance

bursts on the polled scene as the #1 bull for Net Merit, Milk, Protein and PPR. He also ties with his stable mate Spark NP for #1 Udder Composite. He is also +.06 for both fat and protein percentage. He marks one of the best polled offerings that have ever hit the world! He is not a family member to KADE *NP so he is ready to make those Homozygous polled offspring for you!

54BS604 SPARK NP as stated is tied for #1 Udder Composite and #1 by himself for type. Spark is available in Preferred Sex Semen and makes a unique opportunity to use the elite pedigree maternally of SILVER with no horns!

And speaking of polled 54BS586 KADE NP who is #1 polled for DPR, Productive Life and Livability plus 54BS589 JAGER NP gives us the strongest polled line-up in the industry.
Committed to Bringing You the Best

We are proud of our commitment to bringing you the best genetics, regardless of source.  The high ranking bulls JONMAR, O MALLEY and coming in June PACTOLE are exclusively available in the U.S.A. via NGG.  
O MALLEY is the top bull in our debut of our “Conception First” full herd fertility program.
 PACTOLE is a new bull from France and is the #1 G-PPR bull in the breed at +197.
JONMAR is from our parent company Swissgenetics and combines top G-PPR (he is #3 at 181) along with the loaded pedigree of the popular JONGLEUR bull and he is a Conception First bull too, so he has it all!
You can find full details on our website or give us a call and be sure to follow along with this seasons “Let’s Talk Cows” video series highlighting our daughters around the country!