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New Generation Genetics Bulls Lead the Way Following the Genetic Evaluations in August

Following the release of the August 2020 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR, & Profit.
54BS557 BMG Lust GET LUCKY *TM continues to lead the way as the #1 proven bull for milk, fat, and protein. At an unprecedented +2594 milk, his daughters are built to put milk in the tank. If your milk check needs a boost, GET LUCKY needs to be a part of your breeding program.
54BS558 Hilltop Acres B DAREDEVIL ET *TM is the breed’s undisputed type leader with daughters impressing on farms and in the show ring. He continues to reign as the #1 proven type bull at +1.0 with a climbing udder composite now at +1.16. Long silky frames, superb udder attachments, and extremely high, wide rear udders are his specialty. Use DAREDEVIL today to experience the winner’s circle tomorrow!
54BS564 Jo-Lane Dario HAMPTON ET *TM dominates in health traits, profit, and fertility. After nearly doubling the number of daughters in his proof, he ranks #4 for productive life at +5.2 while holding an impressive +1.7 DPR. He is the new #5 proven Net Merit bull at $327, and his impressive semen fertility has landed him the #5 SCR ranking at +1.5.
54BS561 Hilltop Acres BV JESSE ET *TM is an extremely balanced new graduate at +624 milk, +0.6 type, +0.71 UDC, +0.7 DPR, and positive SCR. He offers an impressive outcross pedigree, phenomenal udders, and great dairy strength.
54BS601 La Rainbow Sweet SALSA ETV *TM boasts an elite type production combination at +1.1 type and +1425 milk while reaching #1 genomic type status! This Genomic Gem is a LUCKY CARL brother to SILVER, giving him an impressive pedigree to back his historic numbers.
54BS604 La Rainbow Sweet SPARK *NP is the hottest new genomic polled bull on the market at +750 milk, +0.8 type, and +1.18 UDC, earning him #1 genomic polled status in these three categories. He is the high production and type polled bull the breed has been waiting for!
196BS55878 Portmann BS Bays JONMAR *TM is an exciting new offering from Swissgenetics. He is the #5 genomic Net Merit bull at $466 and at +1158 milk, +43 fat, +40 protein, +0.79 UDC, and +2.1 DPR he is all-around dominate.
We also offer the CHAMPIONS COLLECTION elite sire lineup including 54BS600 WINRITE, 54BS602 FIRST CHOICE, 54BS539 RICHARD, 54BS581 RASTA, 54BS568 FAST & FURIOUS, and 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA.